Privileged gadabout son of Lepant
シーナ, Shīna
108 Stars Chimei Star
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 16 (S1)
19 (S2)
Birth Year SY 442
From Seika, Toran Republic
Family Eileen (mother)
Lepant (father)
Appears in

Sheena (シーナ, Shīna) is a supporting character in Suikoden and Suikoden II who also appears in Genso Suikogaiden Vol.2.

Sheena is the sole son of Eileen and Lepant and is somewhat of an immature playboy. Under the guise of a journey of training, he plays around in various places around the land, hitting on women and generally infuriating his father.



Taking after his mother in appearance, Sheena was a slight, handsome youth with blond hair and amber eyes and a prominent forehead. He wore a loose, green shirt along with black pants and brown boots.

In Suikoden II, the shirt was a buttoned affair, though Sheena always left it mostly unbuttoned and hanging from him. Under his shirt, he wore an armless burgundy body piece.

In Suikoden, he wore a low-hanging necklace, while in Suikoden II he instead wore a loose choker around his neck.


Play money and real fighting? But I want real money and play fighting

Immature and prone to skirt-chasing, Sheena was frequently admonished by his father for his continuous antics. However, it is said that Lepant himself acted no different during his own youth. Light-hearted and brimming with confidence, he flits from one situation to the next with ease.

Although he seemed entirely without a care, it appears he had some semblance of justice in his heart as he generally willing to fight for a cause. He is said to have the sword skills of his father and the magical ability of his mother. Despite his flirting, he has not had a girlfriend. This is almost entirely due to his inability to focus on any one woman for long.


Immature Playboy

There are some fine women in the Liberation Army, aren't there?

—  Sheena
Gotta admit, it'd work on me.

Sheena is the son of Lepant and Eileen who has somewhat of a wandering eye. Sheena was spoiled by his mother during his youth and has grown up to be a rather immature man, by his father's standards. He had prodigious potential, combining the martial skill of his father with the magical arts of his mother but, rather than training, Sheena spent of his time idling and chasing women.

During the Gate Rune War, annoyed by his son's indolence, Lepant cast Sheena out into the world on a learning excursion. The youth did not take the intended project at face value. Later, Sheena was discovered flirting in Seika, boasting about his family's wealth, when he was overheard by Lepant. Unhappy at his son's playboy attitude, Lepant forced his son to join the Toran Liberation Army with the aim of making Sheena into a mature adult.

Throughout the war, Sheena served in his father's unit, shoving off his own tactical skill. Although a reluctant fighter, his natural talents and potential were evident. He wielded a rapier, a straight and slender sword with a sharp point. Following the fall of the Scarlet Moon Empire and the end of the Gate Rune War, Sheena left his parents once more, unchanged by his encounter with his father, wandering around and having a good time as usual.

I think Sheena and Lilly would get along

During the Dunan Unification War, Sheena traveled to the City-State of Jowston. He was first spotted in Coronet Town, attempting (and failing) to solicit Tai Ho's help to cross Lake Dunan.

He would later appear at New State Army Headquarters where he offered his help broker an alliance between the New State Army and the Toran Republic. Rather than pure altruism, this offer gave Sheena the opportunity to return home and relax. Unfortunately for his plans, Lepant would grab his son at Gregminster Palace and order him to join the New State Army for the remainder of the war.

He's the ace of spades, the ace of spades

Sheena would serve as a bodyguard of the New State Army's leader. Following the war, he planned to resume his debauchery world tour but when he returned to Toran to obtain some more funs he was once again caught by his father and forced to endure his harsh training.

Following his training, Sheena would resume his idle journey, this time towards the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, with Oulan hired as his bodyguard. In Marid Village, he would spend some time with Jonah. When a wild dragon attacked the village, he would team up Nash Latkje and others to fend it off, wielding impressive magic during the battle.

Game info



When your castle is at Level 2 or higher, talk to Sheena at the inn in Seika with Lepant in your party.
Level Gender Range
-1 Male S

Battle bonds

Good Will
Protects This character does not protect anyone
Protected By Eileen
Unite Attack
1 Lepant Family Attack w/ Eileen, Lepant


Starting Equipment
Head --
Body Tunic
Shield no
Other --
Rune Lightning
Equipment Type
Head Cap
Body Light armor
Shield Can't equip
Other Male


State Grades
Stat Growth Rate
1 20 13 12 13 13 13 13
20 150 68 60 68 75 75 75
60 530 146 128 146 163 163 163
90 700 170 150 170 190 190 190


War Stats
Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
The Lepant Family Charge 60 8 2


LV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
ATK 5 7 9 12 16 20 33 40 48 59 70 80 102 115 134 150
Name Rapier Silver Rapier Platinum Rapier
W Type W Level Element
One-handed sword N/A --

Suikoden II


Sheena joins automatically following plot events in Gregminster.
Level Gender Size Range Anger Panic Fly
38 note Male M S N 3

Battle bonds

Good Will
Protects Anita, Ayda, Eilie, Hanna, Karen, Kasumi, Meg, Millie, Nanami, Nina, Oulan, Rina, Sierra, Tengaar, Tomo, Valeria, Viki, Wakaba, Yoshino
Protected By This character is not protected by anyone
Unite Attack
1 ' w/ This character has no Unite attack


Starting Equipment
Head Cap
Body Light armor
Shield Shield
Other --
Rune No rune attached
Equipment Type
Head Silver Hat
Body Magic Robe
Shield Iron Shield
Other Star Earrings
Green Salad 5


Elemental Affinities
Fire Water Earth
Lightning Wind Holy
Darkness Gate ???
D E 3
Rune Slots
Head Level 45
Right Hand Earth Rune
Left Hand Level 40
Weapon Never available


Stat Grades
Stat Growth Rate
1 20 13 12 12 13 13 12 12
20 170 68 60 60 68 68 60 60
60 290 107 94 94 107 107 94 94
90 410 146 128 128 146 146 128 128


LV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
ATK 5 7 9 12 15 27 35 42 50 59 67 90 102 120 138 150
Name Kirinji Kirinji 2 Kirinji 3
W Type W Level Range
One-handed sword N/A S

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
042 Sheena Commoner Booster Pack Vol.1
295 Sheena Commoner Premium Pack
CS2-167 Sheena Commoner CS2 Booster Pack Vol.2
CS2-298 Lepant & Eileen & Sheena Leader CS2 Booster Pack Vol.3
CS2-432/R042 Sheena Commoner Remake Booster
Non-character cards depicting this character
173 L'Renouille Incursion Mission Booster Pack Vol.1
CS2-614/R173 L'Renouille Incursion Mission Remake Booster



  • Though he uses a rapier in Suikoden, Sheena takes on his father's old sword for Suikoden II: Kirinji, Kirinji 2, Kirinji 3.
  • Fans speculate that Sheena may be Apple's un-named former husband that she mentions in Suikoden III.
  • Sheena uses a rather unusual technique with the Kirinji. Though the Kirinji is a flamberge, a type of sword normally held with two hands, Sheena attacks holding it with one hand.

Other languages and releases

Japanese (katakana) シーナ
Japanese (romaji) Shīna
Chinese simplified (HDR) 希纳
Chinese traditional (HDR) 希納
Chinese pinyin Xīnà
English Sheena
French Sheena
German Sheena
Italian Sheena
Spanish Sheena


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