Kraze Miles

Commander of the Imperial Guard under Emperor Barbarosa
Kraze Miles
クレイズ・マイルス, Kureizu Mairusu

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 36 (S1)
Birth Year SY 422
Appears in

Kraze Miles (クレイズ・マイルス, Kureizu Mairusu) is a minor antagonist in Suikoden. Cruel and disdainful, Kraze Miles was the Commander of the Imperial Guard during the Gate Rune War.


I guess you've done your job. You're apparently not totally useless.

—  Kraze Miles
No special treatment?! You've just made an enemy for life.

Kraze Miles served as Commander of the Imperial Guard during the Gate Rune War. Known for his snide and scornful demeanor, he embodied the corrupt spirit prevailing within the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Despite being considered a coward, Kraze managed to advance his career primarily through influential connections, a factor that contributed to his unpopularity among his subordinates.

One notable individual who served under Kraze was the son of Teo McDohl, who frequently faced belittlement from him through sarcastic remarks. Working with Windy, he attempted to procure the Soul Eater for her by luring Ted into a trap. However, Ted's escape and the hero's subsequent escape from Gregminster with the rune led to his fall from Windy's favor and subsequent demotion.

How rude! I always mean to help!

As a consequence of his failures, Kraze was reassigned to the town of Kouan as its new military commander, a position he deeply resented. Being "exiled to the countryside" frustrated him, and this led to frequent clashes with Lepant, another significant figure in Kouan. Eventually, Kraze committed the heinous act of abducting Lepant's wife, Eileen.

However, the tables turned when Lepant, along with the emerging Toran Liberation Army, successfully rescued Eileen, thereby overthrowing Kraze's rule over Kouan. The fate of Kraze Miles ultimately rested in the hands of the very hero he had once scorned and belittled.





  • Kraze is the only character in Suikoden that can be executed without imposing any long-term penalties on game completion. If you do not execute him, he will run off, never to be seen again, and Gremio will chide you for it, although Cleo will praise you for having a big heart.
  • For some reason, Konami is quite unambiguous about Kraze's fate considering it's optional; practically all reference material and novelisations state that he was executed, although the Kiwami Encyclopedia reverts back to an ambiguous ending.

Other languages and releases

Japanese katakana クレイズ
Japanese rōmaji Kureisu
Chinese simplified (HDR) 克雷兹
Chinese traditional (HDR) 克拉茲
Chinese pinyin Kèlā zī
English Kraze
French Kraze
German Kraze
Italian Kraze
Spanish Kraze


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