Joshua Levenheit

Bearer of the Dragon Rune and leader of the Dragon Knights
Joshua Levenheit
ヨシュア・レーベンハイト, Yoshua Rēbenhaito
108 Stars Chikyou Star¹
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 220 (S1)
Birth Year SY 238
From Dragon Knight's Domain
Appears in

Joshua Levenheit (ヨシュア・レーベンハイト, Yoshua Rēbenhaito) is a supporting character in Suikoden. Joshua was the captain of the Knights of the Dragon's Den during the Gate Rune War.


Commander Tir, when war breaks out, we'll rush to your aid.

—  Joshua Levenheit

As bearer of the Dragon Rune, one of the 27 True Runes, Joshua Levenheit led the Knights of the Dragon's Den as its commander. He was known as a man of great magnanimity and sincerity, and was truly admired by all Dragon Knights. Exactly how he inherited the Dragon Rune is unknown, but it is known that it was during a time of great turmoil in many regions.

Having the ability to control dragons and with the Dragon Rune's power to sustain dragons in this world, he would hold the burden of being the eternal leader of the Dragon Knights, having lived for over 200 years. He control over the Dragon Rune made him an extremely powerful person and also, in a sense, bonded him to all dragons. He grieved deeply for the loss of any dragon and took all responsibility on himself.

Oh you're gonna pay a lot for this one, Joshua.

Although Joshua had allied with Emperor Barbarosa during the War of Succession, the growing corruption in the Scarlet Moon Empire as well as its shift in attitude towards the Dragon Knights earned Joshua's indignation. In the past he had been an old friend of Humphrey Mintz. He was also apparently admired by Vincent de Boule.

During the Gate Rune War, Joshua was convinced to align his forces with the Toran Liberation Army after talking with Humphrey and receiving the aid of Liukan in curing their poisoned dragons. He was the one who had to make the harsh decision to use Black's liver to prepared the antidote. He was also the one who told Futch what had happened and the repercussions of his decision as leader.

He tried his best to help and protect Futch, even knowing the youth would be expelled. Although he knew no exception could be given to Futch's expulsion no matter the circumstances, he wished to help Futch overcome his grief and hold on to hope that he could someday return, entrusting him to his old friend, Humphrey. It is speculated that Joshua's Dragon Rune also allowed him to have some inkling of the future Futch could embrace.

Even after joining the Liberation Army, Joshua did not move to Toran Castle, but remained within the Dragon Knight's Domain. This was because he was burdened with the heavy responsibility that if he died, all dragons would perish. He was also wary that if he left the Dragon's Den for too long, the effect of the Dragon Rune would fade and he would lose control of the as-yet mentally unstable young dragons.

With the help of Joshua and Knights of the Dragon's Den, the power of the Liberation Army grew immensely. Joshua usually coordinated the Dragon Knights' war effort from Goya. In preparation for battles, Joshua would be notified ahead of time to ensure he was away from the Dragon Knight's Domain for as little time as possible.

Joshua arrived at the last battle, where he used his Dragon Rune to amplify Leknaat's half of the Gate Rune and thus overpowered Windy's half of the Gate Rune, sending all her summoned monsters back where they came from.

After the war, Joshua continued in his position as Captain of the Dragon Knights. At some point before the War of the Champions he would pass on the Dragon Rune to Milia, but it is unknown what prompted this change, be it Joshua's death or the abdication of his self-imposed duty.

Game info


Recruited automatically following events at the Dragon Knight's Domain and Seek Valley.


War Stats
Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
The Dragon Knights Other 600 -- --

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
207 Joshua Leader Booster Pack Vol.2
CS2-422/R207 Joshua Leader Remake Booster



  • He was originally going to be named Geist (ガイスト, Geisto) but Joshua ended up being chosen as a more "dignified" name.

Other languages and releases

Japanese katakana ヨシュア・レーベンハイト
Japanese rōmaji Yoshua Rēbenhaito
Chinese simplified (HDR) 约书亚
Chinese traditional (HDR) 約書亞
Chinese pinyin Yuē shū yà
English Joshua
French Joshua
German Joshua
Italian Joshua
Spanish Joshua


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