Genso Suikoden Encyclopaedia

2002 encyclopedia covering games and publications to that point
Genso Suikoden Encyclopaedia
幻想水滸伝大辞典, Gensōsuikoden Daijiten

Dust sleeve cover
Publisher Futabasha
Released January 10, 2002
ISBN 4-575-16297-3
Price ¥2400
Pages 368
Successor Genso Suikoden Kiwami Encyclopedia

The Genso Suikoden Encyclopaedia (幻想水滸伝大辞典, Gensōsuikoden Daijiten) is a book published by Futabasha in 2002. It is a reference book that covers events from Suikoden, Suikoden II, Genso Suikogaiden Vol.1 and Vol.2, as well as Genso Suikoden Card Stories and all Suikoden publications released before 2002.

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