Remake Booster

2004 booster release for Genso Suikoden Card Stories II
To The Promised Land (Remake Booster)
約束の地へ, Yakusoku no Chi He

To The Promised Land box art
Publisher Konami
Released June 17, 2004
Price 315 yen
Cards 270
Predecessor CS2 Booster Pack Vol.3
Successor CS2 Booster Pack Vol.4

Remake Booster (約束の地へ, Yakusoku no Chi He) is the name given by Konami to their fourth booster of cards for the second chapter of the Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG. It was released in Japan in 2004.


Remake Booster is the name given to the fourth expansion of Genso Suikoden Card Stories II. This set was designed to replace the Starter Box & Booster Pack Vol.1 set by re-releasing those original cards with small redesigns and updated text intended to better reflect the shifting rules and focus of Card Stories II.

The card text on these remake cards were also considered as updated errata for their previous versions. As such, even when using the older cards, their card text was officially intended to be treated as that on their remake equivalent.

This set contained 270 cards in all, with some 257 of them being selected reissued cards. Reissued cards, after their CS2 number, have an R number corresponding to their original issued number. The cards are ordered by card type and then in Japanese order, with occasional weighting towards important or main characters.

The set contained 270 cards, making it easily the largest expansion of the TCG. It was released on June 17, 2004. 215 cards were character cards (8 Mastermind, 40 Leaders, 62 Commoners, 23 Craftmans, and 82 Free cards), with 32 mission cards, and 16 facilities cards.

Seven special illustration cards, similar to those from the Premium Pack were also part of this set. They are the only fully unique cards in the set but like their Premium Pack equivalents, have no gameplay value.

Card List

Set # Card # Name Rarity Type
001 CS2-375/R001 McDohl Common
002 CS2-376/R002 Hero Common
003 CS2-377/R003 Adlai Common
004 CS2-378/R004 Anabelle Common
005 CS2-379/R005 Gorudo Common
006 CS2-380/R006 Jowy Common
007 CS2-381/R007 Luca Common
008 CS2-382/R192 Lepant Common
009 CS2-383/R008 Hero Common
010 CS2-384/R009 Agares Common
011 CS2-385/R010 Camus Common
012 CS2-386/R011 Gijimu Common
013 CS2-387/R012 Kiba Common
014 CS2-388/R013 Gustav Common
015 CS2-389/R014 Granmeyer Common
016 CS2-390/R015 Culgan Rare
017 CS2-391/R016 Gengen Common
018 CS2-392/R017 Seed Rare
019 CS2-393/R018 Jowy Common
020 CS2-394/R019 Solon Jhee Common
021 CS2-395/R020 Teresa Common
022 CS2-396/R021 Han Common
023 CS2-397/R022 Hauser Common
024 CS2-398/R023 Valeria Common
025 CS2-399/R024 Viktor Common
026 CS2-400/R025 Flik Common
027 CS2-401/R026 Miklotov Common
028 CS2-402/R027 Makai Common
029 CS2-403/R028 Maximillian Common
030 CS2-404/R029 Rina Common
031 CS2-405/R030 Ridley Common
032 CS2-406/R031 Luca Rare
033 CS2-407/R032 Lepant Common
034 CS2-408/R193 Alen Common
035 CS2-409/R194 Anji Common
036 CS2-410/R195 Kasim Hazil Common
037 CS2-411/R196 Kasumi Common
038 CS2-412/R197 Griffith Common
039 CS2-413/R198 Grenseal Common
040 CS2-414/R199 Kuromimi Common
041 CS2-415/R200 Kessler Common
042 CS2-416/R201 Varkas Common
043 CS2-417/R202 Valeria Common
044 CS2-418/R203 Hanzo Common
045 CS2-419/R204 McDohl Common
046 CS2-420/R205 Maximillian Common
047 CS2-421/R206 Milia Common
048 CS2-422/R207 Joshua Common
049 CS2-423/R033 Eilie Common
050 CS2-424/R034 Apple Common
051 CS2-425/R035 Vincent Common
052 CS2-426/R036 Emilia Common
053 CS2-427/R037 Kasumi Common
054 CS2-428/R038 Gabocha Common
055 CS2-429/R039 Klaus Common
056 CS2-430/R040 Koyu Common
057 CS2-431/R041 Sasarai Common
058 CS2-432/R042 Sheena Common
059 CS2-433/R043 Jess Common
060 CS2-434/R044 Simone Common
061 CS2-435/R045 Shu Rare
062 CS2-436/R046 Jude Common
063 CS2-437/R047 Jillia Common
064 CS2-438/R048 Shin Common
065 CS2-439/R049 Stallion Common
066 CS2-440/R050 Tai Ho Common
067 CS2-441/R051 Chaco Common
068 CS2-442/R052 Tsai Common
069 CS2-443/R053 Tengaar Common
070 CS2-444/R054 Tomo Common
071 CS2-445/R055 Nanami Common
072 CS2-446/R056 Nina Common
073 CS2-447/R057 Barbara Common
074 CS2-448/R058 Viki Common
075 CS2-449/R059 Hix Common
076 CS2-450/R060 Pilika Common
077 CS2-451/R061 Fitcher Common
078 CS2-452/R062 Freed Y Common
079 CS2-453/R063 Pohl Common
080 CS2-454/R064 Boris Common
081 CS2-455/R065 Bolgan Common
082 CS2-456/R066 Marlowe Common
083 CS2-457/R067 Mondo Common
084 CS2-458/R068 Yam Koo Common
085 CS2-459/R069 Yuber Common
086 CS2-460/R070 Yoshino Common
087 CS2-461/R071 Rowd Common
088 CS2-462/R072 Lilly Common
089 CS2-463/R073 Lucia Common
090 CS2-464/R074 Luc Common
091 CS2-465/R075 Leona Common
092 CS2-466/R076 Leon Common
093 CS2-467/R077 Lo Wen Common
094 CS2-468/R208 Warren Common
095 CS2-469/R209 Kai Common
096 CS2-470/R210 Kanak Common
097 CS2-471/R211 Kimberly Common
098 CS2-472/R212 Cleo Common
099 CS2-473/R213 Gremio Common
100 CS2-474/R214 Kreutz Common
101 CS2-475/R215 Gon Common
102 CS2-476/R216 Sasuke Common
103 CS2-477/R217 Sancho Common
104 CS2-478/R218 Sydonia Common
105 CS2-479/R219 Pahn Common
106 CS2-480/R220 Fuma Common
107 CS2-481/R221 Fukien Common
108 CS2-482/R222 Liukan Common
109 CS2-483/R223 Leonardo Common
110 CS2-484/R224 Ronnie Bell Common
111 CS2-485/R078 Adlai Common
112 CS2-486/R079 Karen Common
113 CS2-487/R080 Gordon Common
114 CS2-488/R081 Connell Common
115 CS2-489/R082 Shilo Common
116 CS2-490/R083 Taki Common
117 CS2-491/R084 Tetsu Common
118 CS2-492/R085 Tessai Common
119 CS2-493/R086 Tenkou Common
120 CS2-494/R087 Templeton Common
121 CS2-495/R088 Tuta Common
122 CS2-496/R089 Tony Common
123 CS2-497/R090 Hai Yo Common
124 CS2-498/R091 Hans Common
125 CS2-499/R092 Huan Common
126 CS2-500/R093 Yuzu Common
127 CS2-501/R094 Raura Common
128 CS2-502/R095 Lebrante Common
129 CS2-503/R225 Gaspar Common
130 CS2-504/R226 Krin Common
131 CS2-505/R227 Gen Common
132 CS2-506/R228 Sarah Common
133 CS2-507/R229 Mina Common
134 CS2-508/R096 Anita Common
135 CS2-509/R097 Abizboah Common
136 CS2-510/R098 Amada Common
137 CS2-511/R099 Alberto Common
138 CS2-512/R100 Alex Common
139 CS2-513/R101 Annallee Common
140 CS2-514/R102 Ayda Common
141 CS2-515/R103 Elza Common
142 CS2-516/R104 Oulan Common
143 CS2-517/R105 Kahn Common
144 CS2-518/R106 Gadget Common
145 CS2-519/R107 Gantetsu Common
146 CS2-520/R108 Kinnison Common
147 CS2-521/R109 Killey Common
148 CS2-522/R110 Gilbert Common
149 CS2-523/R111 Clive Common
150 CS2-524/R112 Georg Common
151 CS2-525/R113 Genshu Common
152 CS2-526/R114 Sasuke Common
153 CS2-527/R115 Zamza Common
154 CS2-528/R116 Sigfried Common
155 CS2-529/R117 Jeane Common
156 CS2-530/R118 Sierra Common
157 CS2-531/R119 Sid Common
158 CS2-532/R120 Jordi Common
159 CS2-533/R121 Shiro Common
160 CS2-534/R122 Star Dragon Sword Common
161 CS2-535/R123 Nash Common
162 CS2-536/R124 Neclord Common
163 CS2-537/R125 Badeaux Common
164 CS2-538/R126 Hanna Common
165 CS2-539/R127 Humphrey Common
166 CS2-540/R128 Pico Common
167 CS2-541/R129 Hilda Common
168 CS2-542/R130 Feather Common
169 CS2-543/R131 Futch Common
170 CS2-544/R132 Pesmerga Common
171 CS2-545/R133 Hoi Common
172 CS2-546/R134 Bob Common
173 CS2-547/R135 Makumaku Common
174 CS2-548/R136 Mikumiku Common
175 CS2-549/R137 Millie Common
176 CS2-550/R138 Mukumuku Common
177 CS2-551/R139 Mazus Common
178 CS2-552/R140 Meg Common
179 CS2-553/R141 Mekumeku Common
180 CS2-554/R142 Mokumoku Common
181 CS2-555/R143 Rikimaru Common
182 CS2-556/R144 Richmond Common
183 CS2-557/R145 Leknaat Rare
184 CS2-558/R146 Lorelai Common
185 CS2-559/R147 Long Chan-Chan Common
186 CS2-560/R148 Wakaba Common
187 CS2-561/R230 Ace Common
188 CS2-562/R231 Eikei Common
189 CS2-563/R232 Elaine Common
190 CS2-564/R233 Kage Common
191 CS2-565/R234 Camille Common
192 CS2-566/R235 Kirkis Common
193 CS2-567/R236 Quincy Common
194 CS2-568/R237 Crowley Common
195 CS2-569/R238 Zaj Common
196 CS2-570/R239 Jeane Common
197 CS2-571/R240 Juppo Common
198 CS2-572/R241 Joker Common
199 CS2-573/R242 Sylvina Common
200 CS2-574/R243 Duke Common
201 CS2-575/R244 Billy Common
202 CS2-576/R245 Fu Su Lu Common
203 CS2-577/R246 Morgan Common
204 CS2-578/R247 Julie Common
205 CS2-579/R248 Rubi Common
206 CS2-580/R249 Rhett Common
207 CS2-581/R250 Lena Common
208 CS2-582/R251 Lotte Common
209 CS2-583/R252 Wilder Common
210 CS2-584 Elenor Rare
211 CS2-585 Katarina Rare
212 CS2-586 Kika Rare
213 CS2-587 Glen Rare
214 CS2-588 Brandeau Rare
215 CS2-589 Lilin Rare
216 CS2-590/R149 Scout Common
217 CS2-591/R150 Cook-off Common
218 CS2-592/R151 Errand Common
219 CS2-593/R152 Highland Reconnaissance Common
220 CS2-594/R153 Mist Monster Common
221 CS2-595/R154 New Leaf Enrollment Common
222 CS2-596/R155 Rescue Teresa Common
223 CS2-597/R156 Raze the Enemy Facility Common
224 CS2-598/R157 Futch's Dragon Search Common
225 CS2-599/R158 Escape Muse Common
226 CS2-600/R159 Sindar Treasure Common
227 CS2-601/R160 Frontline Base Construction Common
228 CS2-602/R161 Recover the Base Common
229 CS2-603/R162 Road to Toran Common
230 CS2-604/R163 North Window Common
231 CS2-605/R164 Vanquish Neclord Common
232 CS2-606/R165 Two River Strategy Common
233 CS2-607/R166 Beast Rune Common
234 CS2-608/R167 Mercenary Fortress Battle Common
235 CS2-609/R168 Greenhill Liberation Common
236 CS2-610/R169 Radat Occupation Common
237 CS2-611/R170 Matilda Campaign Common
238 CS2-612/R171 Invade South Window Common
239 CS2-613/R172 Retake Muse Common
240 CS2-614/R173 L'Renouille Incursion Common
241 CS2-615/R174 Duel Common
242 CS2-616/R175 Duel 2 Common
243 CS2-617/R253 Sindar Treasure 2 Common
244 CS2-618/R254 Infiltrate the Enemy Base Common
245 CS2-619/R255 Surprise Attack Strategy Common
246 CS2-620/R256 Magic Combat Common
247 CS2-621/R257 Time Slip Common
248 CS2-622/R176 Ranch Common
249 CS2-623/R177 Trading Post Common
250 CS2-624/R178 Inn Common
251 CS2-625/R179 Appraiser Common
252 CS2-626/R180 Restaurant Common
253 CS2-627/R181 Bath Common
254 CS2-628/R182 Runemaster Common
255 CS2-629/R183 Library Common
256 CS2-630/R184 Warehouse Common
257 CS2-631/R185 Item Shop Common
258 CS2-632/R186 Blacksmith Common
259 CS2-633/R187 Tavern Common
260 CS2-634/R188 Gambling Den Common
261 CS2-635/R189 Armor Shop Common
262 CS2-636/R190 Scroll Store Common
263 CS2-637/R191 Teleport Common
264 CS2-638 Thomas & Cecile Rare Illustration
265 CS2-639 Nash & Dominguez Rare Illustration
266 CS2-640 Yun & Wyatt Rare Illustration
267 CS2-641 Jacques & Aila Rare Illustration
268 CS2-642 3 St. Loa Knights Rare Illustration
269 CS2-643 Barts Rare Illustration
270 CS2-644 Belle & Mel Rare Illustration
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