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As befitting a long-running video game franchise such as the Suikoden series many game guides have been published over the years. Many other publications exist however. Over the years, manga, light novels, art books, reference guides. and magazines have been released.

These publications often greatly expand our knowledge of the series, introducing new characters, designs, and concepts, and are documented here.

Genso Suikoden Kiwami Encyclopedia
The Genso Suikoden Kiwami Encyclopedia (幻想水滸伝 極 大事典, Gensōsuikoden Kiwami Daijiten) is a limited edition book published and sold by Konami in 2010.

It is a reference book that covers events from all games in the Suikoden series, up to and including Suikoden Tierkreis (save for Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Hoshikuzu no Shiro).

It was available exclusively through Konami's Konamistyle online store and as such has no ISBN reference number. Due to this, it quickly became rare and often resold for several times its retail value.

The Genso Suikoden Kiwami Encyclopedia is divided into three main sections. Before the first section, there is a selection of full-page artwork from both Ishikawa Fumi and Kawano Junko. (more...)

Konami Parody Comic Series Genso Suikoden
Konami Parody Comic Series Genso Suikoden (コナミパロディコミックシリーズ幻想水滸伝, Konami Parodi Komikku Shirīzu Gensōsuikoden) is a book published by Mainichi Communications in 1998.

The Konami Parody Comics Series was a line of fun, comedic manga dealing with various Konami properties at the time, including Tokimeki Memorial. This Genso Suikoden edition is the only Suikoden manga under that label.

The original Suikoden manga publication, this manga is considered the rarest of all Suikoden manga although it could be considered uncommon rather than truly scarce. It is the only manga released before the Japanese launch of Suikoden II, making the publication entirely focused on characters and situations from the original game. (more...)

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