Remarkable appraiser with only a single moment of failure
ジャバ, Jaba
108 Stars Chisei Star

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 60 (S1)
Birth Year SY 398
Appears in

Jabba (ジャバ, Jaba) is a supporting character in Suikoden. Jabba is a master appraiser who has only failed to appraise a single item in his long career.


Yes? I can appraise anything.

—  Jabba
A dangerous promise to make.

Jabba, an esteemed expert appraiser, operated an appraisal store located in the quaint town of Rikon. Known for his unwavering confidence in his own discerning eye, Jabba boasted the ability to appraise virtually any item with ease, showcasing his profound expertise in dating and placing antiques.

Throughout his illustrious career, Jabba encountered countless artifacts, leaving no doubt about his vast experience in the field of appraisal. He even claimed he would do whatever was asked of him should he prove stumped by any object. However, there remained one elusive object from his past that had managed to defy his classification: the Nameless Urn.

It was during the Gate Rune War that Jabba's expertise was truly put to the test. When McDohl presented him with the enigmatic Nameless Urn, even the seasoned appraiser had to acknowledge defeat. True to his word, Jabba agreed to join the ranks of the Toran Liberation Army.

Post-war, Jabba's remarkable talents did not go unnoticed. His unique eye for appraisal earned him a position of great responsibility within the newly established Toran Republic. He was entrusted with the crucial task of financial management as treasurer, ensuring the prosperity and stability of the budding nation.

By the year 475, after years of dedicated service to the Toran Republic, Jabba chose to retire from his post, leaving behind a legacy of excellence and wisdom in the world of antiquities and finance.

Game info


Bring a Nameless Urn (found by defeating Holly Fairies on the world map outside Rikon) to Jabba in the appraisers' in Rikon and choose to recruit him.


War Stats
Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
The Tricksters Charge 30 9 1





  • If you sell Jabba the Nameless Urn instead of recruiting him, he'll give you a measly 100 potch for the antique. You can find another one and try and recruit him again.

Other languages and releases

Japanese katakana ジャバ
Japanese rōmaji Jaba
Chinese simplified (HDR) 贾霸
Chinese traditional (HDR) 賈霸
Chinese pinyin Jiǎ bà
English Jabba
French Jabba
German Jabba
Italian Jabba
Spanish Jabba


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