Loyal servant of Lepant's household
ジョバンニ, Jobanni
108 Stars Chiyou Star

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 36 (S1)
Birth Year SY 422
Appears in

Giovanni (ジョバンニ, Jobanni) is a supporting character in Suikoden. He is the loyal servant of Lepant.


I don't know. Tomorrow, perhaps, or the day after, or in a month, or even a year.

—  Giovanni
No junk mail or cold callers please, thank you.

Giovanni was a dedicated clerk who served the influential Lepant family in Kouan, showing loyalty to Lepant and his wife, Eileen. Though sometimes timid and prone to complaining, Giovanni consistently delivered excellent work.

During the tumultuous events of the Gate Rune War, a critical moment occurred when Eileen was abducted by the town's newly appointed military commander, Kraze Miles. Giovanni attempted to intervene but was unsuccessful. However, he acted swiftly to inform Lepant, resulting in Eileen's timely rescue.

After Eileen's safe return, Lepant joined the Toran Liberation Army, and Giovanni chose to stand by their side, faithfully continuing his service. To the surprise of many, Giovanni displayed a remarkable talent for espionage, becoming a valuable member of the special thieves unit, aiding the Liberation Army with his stealth abilities.

Following the war, Giovanni's dedication earned him high praise from Lepant, inspiring him to become an entrepreneur with Lepant's support, establishing his own business.

Game info


Recruited automatically following story events in Kouan.


War Stats
Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
The Thieves Other 30 -- --

Other languages and releases

Japanese katakana ジョバンニ
Japanese rōmaji Jobanni
Chinese simplified (HDR) 乔凡尼
Chinese traditional (HDR) 喬凡尼
Chinese pinyin Qiáo fán ní
English Giovanni
French Giovanni
German Giovanni
Italian Giovanni
Spanish Giovanni


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