Grumpy alchemist of Teien and frenemy of Gen
カマンドール, Kamandōru
108 Stars Chiri Star

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 55 (S1)
Birth Year SY 403
From Teien
Appears in

Kamandol (カマンドール, Kamandōru) is a supporting character in Suikoden. An alchemist by trade, Kamandol invented an engine that ran on oil.


I can do anything...depending on time and money.

—  Kamandol

Kamandol was a distinguished alchemist hailing from the town of Teien, who devoted his life to extensive research, particularly following the theories presented by the alchemist Dennis Toller in his renowned work "Dialogues of Wind and Earth." In addition to his alchemical pursuits, Kamandol showcased remarkable skills as a mechanic, successfully crafting an engine that operated on burning oil.

Maybe the real ship they built was in their hearts.

Noted for his idiosyncrasies, those in his vicinity often perceived him as a grumpy and eccentric old man who strongly disliked interruptions. To discourage uninvited visitors, he even had a sign on his door imploring people to stay away.

Although socializing was not his forte, he did engage in good-natured arguments and shared drinks on occasion with his neighbor, Gen. It was Gen who recognized the potential value of Kamandol's work and convinced him to join the Toran Liberation Army, as he believed Kamandol's expertise could aid the party in navigating the treacherous Rapids of Dunan.

During the events of the Gate Rune War, Gen and Kamandol collaborated and further improved their design, leading to the creation of a more powerful Speedboat. While at Toran Castle, Kamandol tirelessly toiled away in the castle's laboratory, devoting himself day and night to his work.

He despised being called old. Although his youth was indeed spent, it was all for the purposes of research and his youuthful enthusiasm never wavered. His mind was as youthful and curious as ever when it came to discovering new applications for his alchemy.

After the conclusion of the Gate Rune War, Kamandol simply resumed his unwavering focus on alchemical studies, continuing his profound dedication to the field.

Game info


Recruited automatically in Teien during events in the Gouran region.
Level Gender Range
22 Male S

Battle bonds

Good Will
Protects This character does not protect anyone
Protected By This character is not protected by anyone
Unite Attack
1 Stuck With You Attack w/ Gen


Starting Equipment
Head --
Body Guard Robe
Shield no
Other --
Rune No rune attached
Equipment Type
Head Helmet
Body Kenpo
Shield Can't equip
Other Male


State Grades
Stat Growth Rate
1 24 12 14 11 12 12 11
20 170 60 106 43 51 51 43
60 600 128 180 88 108 108 88
90 770 150 210 110 130 130 110


War Stats
Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
The Carpenters Charge 130 3 2


LV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
ATK 3 5 7 10 13 17 28 33 38 44 60 70 85 100 114 130
Name Steel Rod Master Rod Rod of Hermes
W Type W Level Element
Rod N/A --

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
CS2-356 Kamandol Craftman CS2 Booster Pack Vol.3


  • Kamandol's final weapon, the Rod of Hermes is a reference to the "Staff of Hermes," which is the symbol of medicine.
  • Kamandol is described in Old Book Volume 5 as a "Popular alchemist of Teien."
  • In the English-language version of Suikoden, when Kamandol is visited by Gen, he offers Gen his finest tea, but in the Japanese version, Kamandol offers Gen sake.

Other languages and releases

Japanese (katakana) カマンドール
Japanese (romaji) Kamandōru
Chinese simplified (HDR) 卡曼多
Chinese traditional (HDR) 卡曼多魯
Chinese pinyin Kǎ màn duō lǔ
English Kamandol
French Kamandol
German Kamandol
Italian Kamandol
Spanish Kamandol


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