Leader card

Card Stories character card class

Leader cards (リーダー, Rīdā), rendered on the cards themselves as LEADER, are a character card class in the Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG.


Viktor Leader card

Leader cards are defined by the game rules as Character cards who are able to be played on a Mission card even when there is no link established. However, if a link has already been established, the link rules must be followed.

Leader cards are vital to a deck as they are the cards that must be used to engage Mission cards. They also usually, but not always, have higher attributes than other character card classes. Leader cards also have camp-alignment, which means their use can be restricted by the player's Mastermind card, if one is used.

These cards usually represent characters in the Suikoden series who are considered skilled or talented leaders or generals.

List of Leader cards


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