Loquacious chief of the Warriors' Village
ゾラック, Zorakku

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 49 (S1)
Birth Year SY 409
From Warriors' Village, Toran Republic
Family Tengaar (daughter)
Appears in

Zorak (ゾラック, Zorakku) is a supporting character in Suikoden. Zorak is the loquacious chief of Warriors' Village.


Do you want to hear more? I have another good story.

—  Zorak

Zorak held the esteemed position of being the leader of the renowned Warriors' Village and was also the father of Tengaar. At some point in the past he lost his eye, suffering a grievous wound in the process, suggesting he was once a brave veteran of many battle. He took great pride in his heritage and possessed a vast wealth of historical knowledge concerning both Warriors' Village and the wider Lorimar region.

As an older man, Zorak had a penchant for going off on long tangents. When the hero arrived at the village, Zorak welcomed them into his home to discuss the village's situation with Neclord, which then diverted into a speech on the history and customs of Warriors' Village. The discussion continued until the sun had set.

The following morning, Neclord appeared at the village, seeking Tengaar. Despite Zorak's vow to prevent Neclord from taking his daughter, he proved powerless to stop the villain. Determined to rescue Tengaar, Zorak, accompanied by Hix, marched to Neclord's Castle. However, Neclord barred their entry, allowing only McDohl and his party inside.

In a plea to the hero, Zorak sought assistance in rescuing Tengaar and granted Hix full warrior status to aid in the mission. Secretly, Zorak knew of Hix and Tengaar's relationship and saw this opportunity as a way to help Hix realize his potential as a warrior. As the future husband of Tengaar, Hix's success would make him the rightful leader of Warriors' Village, and Zorak held high hopes for him.

Following the triumphant defeat of Neclord, Zorak made a binding agreement with the Toran Liberation Army, pledging that the Warriors' Village would serve the army. During the final battle, Zorak valiantly led his men to Gregminster to provide aid to the Liberation Army.

Reflecting on the Gate Rune War, Zorak expressed his admiration for the conflict and began to recount the tale of his ancestor, Clift the Crusader. However, the Liberation Army charged into Gregminster before he could finish his story.

Other languages and releases

Japanese katakana ゾラック
Japanese rōmaji Zorakku
Chinese simplified (HDR) 索拉柯
Chinese traditional (HDR) 索拉柯
Chinese pinyin Suǒ lā kē
English Zorak
French Zorak
German Zorak
Italian Zorak
Spanish Zorak


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