Sonya Shulen

Great General of the Scarlet Moon Empire
Sonya Shulen
ソニア・シューレン, Sonia Shūren
108 Stars Tenjyu Star

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 28 (S1)
Birth Year SY 430
From Gregminster, Toran Republic
Family Kilauea Shulen (mother)
Appears in

Sonya Shulen (ソニア・シューレン, Sonia Shūren) is a character in Suikoden. Sonya is an admiral in the Scarlet Moon Empire and the Toran Republic.

History're beginning to resemble General Teo.....

—  Sonya Shulen
Hey, we have a great relationship!

Sonya Shulen was a prominent figure within the Scarlet Moon Empire, holding an esteemed position as one of the empire's five Great Generals. Noted for her bravery and captivating beauty, Sonya was described as a woman with shining golden hair and striking blue eyes.

She was the daughter of Kilauea Shulen, a respected figure who had fought in the War of Succession. After her mother's untimely death, Sonya inherited the position of Great General and assumed command of the navy. However, the weight of her mother's illustrious legacy led her to develop a complex, feeling the pressure to live up to the name and reputation of her highly esteemed predecessor.

During her tenure as Great General, Sonya received support and guidance from Teo McDohl, which eventually evolved into a romantic relationship. The initial hesitation from Teo eventually gave way to a bond built on mutual respect and affection. She may have also known Teo's late wife.

In the past, Sonya had a fierce rivalry with Anji, the infamous lake pirate. As naval commander and pirate leader, both engaged in multiple battles and raids against each other. As Sonya's own unit was one of the few Imperial bodies not riddled with corruption, they were one of the few groups to have success against the pirates.

Their rivalry escalated when Anji taunted Sonya by pinning a wedding dress to the Floating Fortress of Shasarazade, insinuating her unwed status. Anji's declaration that she should "put this on and be a woman" in particular was said to have rendered Sonya apoplectic with rage.

She quickly regained her composure and in retaliation, she arranged for the pirates to capture a supply of high-quality liquor. She would then lead a raid when the bandits were all drunk, dealing a large blow to their operations and intensifying their rivalry.

See! She still wants to look at us!

The Gate Rune War brought Sonya into conflict with Teo's son, the leader of the Toran Liberation Army. Upon learning of Teo's death in combat against his own son, her grudge intensified. Sonya valiantly defended the Floating Fortress of Shasarazade, continuing to fight even after the fortress was engulfed in flames, seeking vengeance for the loss of her beloved, despite the great turmoil in her heart over facing down his beloved son.

After being defeated in battle, Sonya attempted to take her own life, aiming to join Teo in death if she could not avenge him, but was stopped by Viktor and taken to Toran Castle as a captive. Initially uncooperative, she eventually reconciled her mixed feelings, accepting Teo's death and the reasons behind it.

Upon consulting with Cleo and the hero, Sonya agreed to assist the Liberation Army, expressing her desire to witness her beloved's killer's demise. Given her cooperation, it is likely this was a pretext allowing her to reconcile her mixed feelings. She would spend much of her time with her fellow former imperials, uncomfortable around the hero.

Following the conclusion of the war, Sonya's prowess and dedication to her role earned her the position of admiral in the Toran Republic navy, further solidifying her prominence and reputation as a skilled officer.



Main article: Sonya Shulen (enemy)

Sonya Shulen is fought as a boss enemy in Suikoden. She is fought at the Floating Fortress of Shasarazade and is a difficult boss, not least because she must be fought without resting after battling the previous Shell Venus boss, forcing the party to rely on recovery items and their remaining MP. She is strong in both magic and physical attacks.


Talk to Sonya in the cell in the basement of your castle following the Battle at Floating Fortress Shasarazade. Ask her to join you, then tell her you don't care that she hates you.
Level Gender Range
48 Female S

Battle bonds

Good Will
Protects This character does not protect anyone
Protected By This character is not protected by anyone
Unite Attack
1 Beauty Attack w/ Cleo, Eileen


Starting Equipment
Head --
Body Leather Armor
Shield --
Other Crimson Cape
Rune Water
Equipment Type
Head Helmet
Body Light armor
Shield Can equip
Other Female


State Grades
Stat Growth Rate
1 20 13 13 12 14 13 12
20 150 75 68 60 106 68 51
60 530 163 146 128 180 146 108
90 700 190 170 150 210 170 130


War Stats
Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
The Soldier Beauties Magic 250 13 4


LV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
ATK 5 7 9 12 16 20 33 40 48 59 70 80 102 115 134 150
Name Blue Turquoise Blue Royal Blue
W Type W Level Element
One-handed sword N/A Water

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
CS2-282 Sonya Leader CS2 Booster Pack Vol.3





  • If you are playing Suikoden efficiently for completion purposes, Sonya will be the last character you get to join.
  • The blue magic-burst attack that Sonya uses when you fight her is not available through any rune in the game.
  • There is a black cat who hangs out at the Mercenary Fortress in Suikoden II that, when inspected, will say "Sonya...". This is not a reference to Sonya, however, but rather a mistranslation of the cat meowing.
  • Despite being the leader of the Soldier Beauties unit, Sonya can only be used as such in the last battle.
  • Sonya's artwork depicts her wielding a sword, but her in-game weapon resembles a spear, but it levels up as a one-handed sword.
  • Parts of her rivalry with the lake pirates where originally intended to be added in-game but as there was no method to depict naval battles, these elements were not implemented.

Other languages and releases

Japanese (katakana) ソニア・シューレン
Japanese (romaji) Sonia Shūren
Chinese simplified (HDR) 索妮亚·苏伦
Chinese traditional (HDR) 索妮亞・蘇倫
Chinese pinyin Suǒ nī yà sū lún
English Sonya Shulen
French Sonya Shulen
German Sonya Shulen
Italian Sonya Shulen
Spanish Sonya Shulen


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