Toran Liberation Army

Rebel force who opposed the Scarlet Moon Empire
"I'd like you to show me the freedom that you see."
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The Toran Liberation Army (トラン解放軍, Toran Kaihō-gun), also known informally as the Liberation Army, the Freedom Fighters and the Rebel Army was a group of soldiers and other volunteers who fought against the Scarlet Moon Empire during the Gate Rune War.


The Liberation Army was founded and led by Odessa Silverberg after years of discontent and resentment coalesced with the imprisonment and death of her lover, Achilles. The Liberation Army's stated goal was to fight and overthrow the corruption of the Imperial regime. Even in the early stages of the war, the Liberation Army had to deal with insurrectionists. Although the Liberation Army under Odessa was tiny, it prepared plans and laid groundwork for future gains which would prove vital to the army's victory in the Gate Rune War. However, before the Odessa-led force could continue to grow, their hideout in Lenankamp was attacked and Odessa was killed.

With the fall of the Liberation Army after the sack of their Lenankamp hideout, officers fled before trying to pull together as many survivors as possible. One large contingent, led by former Liberation Army Vice-Commander Flik, fled to Kunan before a crackdown on rebel factions forced him to flee to the revived Liberation Army under McDohl, who had assumed the leadership of the army with the backing of the late Odessa and her brother, Mathiu Silverberg. Other rebel hideouts were destroyed in the counter-revolutionary attack, spreading the rebels far and wide.

Following the resurrection of the Liberation Army until McDohl, which could be considered in some ways to be a distinct organization from the original, the organization expanded from just a few hundred members to a much larger force. The Liberation Army under Odessa is sometimes referred to as the "Early Liberation Army" and contrasted with the hero's "New Liberation Army". This is due to Odessa's group being a small collection of warriors as compared to the later Liberation Army, which was much more diverse socially and in terms of skills held by its members. Normally, however, the two are simply referred together as the Liberation Army.

The arrival of more former soldiers, under Sanchez, Humphrey Mintz and Flik, allowed the new army to first defeat Kwanda Rosman in the Battle at Pannu Yakuta Castle and later win the Battle at Fortress of Garan. However, the biggest victory was the defeat of Teo McDohl. News of the defeat sparked the breakout of insurgencies all over the Empire, keeping the Imperial Army's hands full, while the liberation of the Lorimar region united rebel factions throughout the nation. Further increases in the Liberation Army's strength would come with the signing of an alliance between the rebels and the Knights of the Dragon's Den.

Despite all these gains, however, the Liberation Army was not yet a true army, nor was it a fully unified force. It was also not immune to spies and intelligence leaks. After Sanchez was revealed as the spy in the ranks of the Liberation Army, his punishment was postponed so as not to destroy morale at a pivotal stage of the war. Still, the Freedom Fighters would continue to win battle after battle, taking the Floating Fortress of Shasarazade to open up the path to Gregminster itself.

Following the last battle and the defeat of Barbarosa Rugner, the war ended in victory for the Liberation Army, ending its role in history. The Toran Republic was founded soon after.

Other languages and releases

Japanese kanji 解放軍
Japanese romaji Kaihō-gun
Chinese simplified (HDR) 义军
Chinese traditional (HDR) 解放軍
Chinese pinyin Jiěfàngjūn
English Liberation Army
French Armée de libération
German Befreiungsarmee
Italian Fronte di Liberazione
Spanish Ejército Liberador


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