Han Cunningham

Veteran commander of the 2nd Highland Army
Han Cunningham
ハーン・カニンガム, Hān Kaningamu
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 65 (S2)
Birth Year SY 396
From Highland Kingdom
Appears in

Han Cunningham (ハーン・カニンガム, Hān Kaningamu) is a supporting character in Suikoden II. Han is a Highland general and the former bearer of the Black Sword Rune. He was a close friend of Genkaku.


I thought you kids would never visit grandpa.

Han Cunningham was known as a hero who fought on the front lines for the Highland Kingdom. Han came from a military family and during the war between Highland the City-State of Jowston, he served as commander of the Highland 1st Army. He was a close friend and personal rival of Genkaku, who fought for the City-State forces, the two having come from the same village.

Around this time, the two friends would come across the split Rune of Beginning in Toto Village and Han would inherit the Black Sword Rune. Respecting each other's abilities, they would agree to the proposed duel between the two to end the war. Han, recognizing Genkaku's skill, wished to test himself against his friend.

However, their duel would end through Darell's conspiracy instead and Genkaku would fade away while Han was lauded as a Highland hero, his wish to duel Genkaku unfulfilled. Since then, he carried a darkness in his heart as he was lauded as a hero who won the war for Highland, but on false pretences.

At some point following the end of the war in SY 434, the two would return their runes to the shrine in Toto Village and Han was appointed Commander of the 2nd Highland Army and assigned to the defense of Highland's Imperial Capital, L'Renouille. As such, he was in L'Renouille when Agares' royal caravan was attacked in SY 443.

He also did not see action in the Dunan Unification War until its last battle, when the city was besieged by a numerically superior New State Army. Some speculated that Luca deliberately tried to keep Han out of the public eye. Although Han held great distaste for Luca's actions, he also did not overstep his role to admonish or resist him. Due to his role, he also did not have the chance to interact with Jowy Atreides much.

After L'Renouille was breached, Han would make one final stand in L'Renouille Palace. He saw himself and Genkaku in the hero, who was Genkaku's adopted child, and Jowy Atreides, and so challenged the New State Army's leader to single combat both to protect the palace and to settle the score that he was never able to with Genkaku. It seems he also felt the need to push himself for what he felt was his abandoning of the responsibility of the Rune of Beginning.

Defeated, Han would reminisce one last time about his days with Genkaku before passing away serenely, satisfied he was finally able to settle things with his friend and rival and that the hero would be able to usher in the era they both couldn't.

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
021 Han Leader Booster Pack Vol.1
276 Han Leader Premium Pack
CS2-146 Han Leader CS2 Booster Pack Vol.2
CS2-396/R021 Han Leader Remake Booster





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