Older, intelligent member of the Toran Liberation Army
サンチェス, Sanchesu

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 46 (S1)
Birth Year SY 412
Appears in

Sanchez (サンチェス, Sanchesu) is a supporting character in Suikoden. A member of the Toran Liberation Army, Sanchez served as the treasurer of the fledgling organization during the Gate Rune War.


At my age, it's difficult to change one's way of life.

—  Sanchez

Sanchez was a highly analytical financial officer who served Barbarosa Rugner during the War of Succession. In the years following the Succession War, Sanchez joined the Toran Liberation Army during its early stages. He played a crucial role in managing their finances and gained recognition for his exceptional memory, earning him the nickname "Encyclopedia Brain Sanchez." However, he led a double life as an undercover spy for the Scarlet Moon Empire.

During the Gate Rune War, Sanchez's betrayal resulted in the attack on the Liberation Army's hideout in Lenankamp, leading to the tragic death of Odessa Silverberg. Despite feeling remorse over this loss, he continued his role as a spy, reuniting with the surviving members of the Liberation Army. As a Liberation Army managed to help to manage the schedules of its officers.

Prime boomer move by Sanchez.

As the war progressed, Sanchez became torn between his loyalty to the Liberation Army and his allegiance to the Empire. Ultimately, he chose to remain loyal to the Empire. He continued his role as a mole for the Imperial Army though his effectiveness was reduced after Mathiu Silverberg had determined there was a spy in the ranks and restricted communication.

Following the Battle at Floating Fortress Shasarazade, Sanchez betrayed the Liberation Army once more by openly stabbing Mathiu and setting the Floating Fortress Shasarazade ablaze, trapping his comrades inside.

Flik, a colleague of Sanchez since the early days of the Liberation Army, was prepared to execute Sanchez for his actions. Sanchez too was prepared to meet his fate. However, Mathiu requested a postponement to avoid demoralizing the Liberation Army. Sanchez was forced to carry on as if nothing had happened and continued his duties until the war's end.

Following the conclusion of the Gate Rune War and the establishment of the Toran Republic, President Lepant privately pardoned Sanchez. The pardon was granted to safeguard the stability of the new republic, as news of Sanchez's betrayal could have had a detrimental impact. In exchange for his life, Sanchez vowed never to collaborate with or associate with any officials of the Toran Republic. Honoring this commitment, Sanchez retreated to Qlon Temple in Lorimar, where he sought refuge.

Game info


Recruited automatically following story events at Pannu Yakuta Castle.




Other languages and releases

Japanese katakana サンチェス
Japanese rōmaji Sanchesu
Chinese simplified (HDR) 桑切斯
Chinese traditional (HDR) 桑切斯
Chinese pinyin Sāngqièsī
English Sanchez
French Sanchez
German Sanchez
Italian Sanchez
Spanish Sanchez


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