Howling Voice Guild

Harmonian organization specializing in gunpowder, poisons, and firearms

The Howling Voice Guild (吠え猛る声の組合, Hoe Takeru Koe no Kumiai), translated as the Roaring Brotherhood in Suikoden III, is an organization located in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Their agents appear in several titles in the Suikoden series.


The Howling Voice Guild holds expertise in gunpowder and firearms, engaging in escort missions and assassinations on behalf of influential individuals. They are based out of "The Tower", their enigmatic headquarters.

Its members, known as gunners, are proficient wielders of guns and are categorized into different classes, including pages, squires, knights, and the Guildmaster. Renowned for their formidable combat skills, the gunners bolster the Howling Voice Guild's considerable military power and influence within the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.

Though the Howling Voice Guild operates within the realm of Harmonia, it retains an independent status, closely cooperating with the Holy Kingdom. Consequently, it has been referred to derogatorily as "Harmonia's dogs" on various occasions.

Noteworthy figures within the guild include Clive, Elza, and Zaj, who each held significant roles as gunners. Following Elza's passing, Clive assumed the position of Guildmaster.

Class Hierarchy

It's not a pyramid scheme. Our model is the cone.

The leadership of the Howling Voice Guild is vested in the Council of Elders, an exclusive body comprising solely of former Guildmasters. It is worth noting that alternative sources suggest knight-class gunners may also partake in electing the elders.

The sole named Elder, Sauro, undertook the responsibility of instructing a young Nash Latkje, at the request of the Latkje family's head. The Guildmaster, on the other hand, serves as the primary executive accountable to the Council of Elders and is typically chosen by the guild's distinctive firearm, Storm.

To be eligible for consideration, candidates must demonstrate proficiency in firing Storm and attain the rank of knight-class gunner. However, it has been known for certain Elders to intervene in instances of irregularities in knight-class numbers or challenging choices made by Storm.

Guild members undergo training from a tender age at a designated facility known as "The Garden." Only individuals recognized for their prowess are admitted as gunners upon completion of specialized trials.

Knight-class gunners comprise squire-class members who have successfully passed rigorous assessments, qualifying them to act as Guildmasters. They are reputed for their uncanny accuracy, never missing their targets. Squire-class gunners, entrusted with personal firearms, while lacking knight-class accuracy, augment their potency through training and gun utilization.

Ordinary members, constituting the majority of the guild, do not hold any formal rank. They possess restricted access to firearms but have the opportunity to handle gunpowder, poisons, and partake in training related to espionage and assassination. As new guild membership is confined to those below the age of 13, a significant proportion of ordinary members are children.


  • The Howling Voice Guild was translated as the Roaring Brotherhood for Suikoden III but this reverted once more for Suikoden V. Either translation is equally accurate, however.

Other languages and releases

Japanese kanji 吠え猛る声の組合
Japanese romaji Hoe Takeru Koe no Kumiai
Chinese simplified (HDR) 怒吼公会
Chinese traditional (HDR) 怒吼工會
Chinese pinyin Nùhǒu gōnghuì
English (S2, S5, HDR) Howling Voice Guild
English (S3) Roaring Brotherhood
French Guilde des hurlements
German Gilde der heulenden Stimmen
Italian Gilda dell'Ululato
Spanish Sindicato de la Voz Aullante


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