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カミュー Kamyū

108 Stars Chiki Star
Camus (Genso Suikogaiden Vol.2).png
Illustration Yashioka Sho
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 27 (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 434
From Grassland
Family One unnamed older brother
Voice Ono Daisuke (Drama CD Genso Suikoden II)

Camus (カミュー, Kamyū) is a character in Suikoden II and Genso Suikogaiden Vol.2. He is the cool-headed captain of the Red Knights of the Matilda Knightdom.


A battle must be fought with a cool head. Fight as always.

—  Camus

Camus is a knight of the Matilda Knightdom. Though originally from the Kamaro Alliance of Free Knights in Grassland, Camus moved to Matilda in his youth and took the test to become a knight. This was because in Kamaro, only eldest sons were eligible to become knights and Camus was a second son.

He and Miklotov took the test in the same year and they set a new record for the longest mock fight during their exam. Both were accepted on the same day as knights and Camus rose through the ranks of the knighthood, eventually becoming the leader of the Red Knights of Matilda whereas Miklotov became the leader of the Blue Knights.

Camus accompanied Gorudo to the meeting on Jowston Hill prior to the outbreak of the Dunan Unification War. When the hero came to Rockaxe Castle in an attempt to convince Gorudo to ally with the New State Army, Camus broke his oath as a knight to join the New State Army in order to fight against the Highland Kingdom, disgusted as he was with Gorudo's methods and lack of intervention in the on-going conflict.

After his resignation, Camus convinced around half of the Red and Blue Knights to join him and Miklotov. As a member of the New State Army, Camus fought against the Highland Kingdom, even commanding one of the flanking units used against Kiba Windamier while defending the New State Army Headquarters.

After the war, Camus returned to the Knightdom and worked with Miklotov to reform the organization, before taking a journey to the Grassland alongside Miklotov.

During their travels, they helped Milit Village to get rid of Clant, a former Matilda Knight who claimed to be the Flame Champion, and his group of bandits. They were aided by Nash and several of their old comrades in the New State Army.

Like Miklotov, Camus was shocked to hear that soldiers of the New State Army had apparently looted the village during the war and recommitted himself to his fight for justice. Camus was also reunited with Maki, a childhood friend, again in Milit. She treated the wounds he received protecting her from Clant. Following this adventure, Camus and Miklotov would resume their journey.

Personality and Traits

Camus' fighting skills came to be considered first-rate as leader of the Red Knights, but he was also lauded as a charming, polite young man who knew how to treat women. Camus' behavior was also said to be less naïve than that of other knights and despite his charm, he was less stiffly formal than Miklotov.

Like Miklotov, he was held in high esteem in Rockaxe Castle, in contrast to the less popular Gorudo. In contrast to the more hot-headed Miklotov, Camus kept calm and believed that a cool head was needed in battle. Even when upset, he was unlikely to reveal his emotions.



Camus (portrait).png Joins automatically at the Path to Matilda following plot events in Rockaxe Castle.
Level Gender Size Range Anger Panic Fly
35 Male M S B 4 No

Battle bonds

Good Will
Protects This character does not protect anyone
Protected by This character is not protected by anyone


Starting Equipment
Head Half Helmet
Body Chain Mail
Shield Kite Shield
Other Crimson Cape Lock.png
Mega Medicine 3
Equipment Type
Head Helmet
Body Light armour
Shield Shield
Accessory Male


Elemental Affinities
Fire Water Earth
Lightning Wind Holy
Darkness Gate ???
E E 3
Rune Slots
Head Never available
Right Hand Rage Rune Lock.png
Left Hand Level 47
Weapon Available


Stat Grades
Stat Growth Rate
1 20 13 12 13 12 13 13 12
20 170 68 60 68 60 68 68 60
60 290 107 94 107 94 107 107 94
90 410 146 128 146 128 146 146 128


ATK DEF ATK+ DEF+ Skill 1 Skill 2
9 8 +0 +1 Cavalry --


Weapon Ranks
Lvl 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
ATK 5 7 9 12 15 27 35 42 50 59 67 90 102 120 138 150
Name Uriah/1 Uriah/2 Uriah/3
W Type W Level Range
One-handed sword 8 S



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