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As a series of (mostly) rople-playing games, entries in the Suikoden series supply a constant influx of opponents for the player to test their characters against as they progress through the game.

Mindless monsters, antagonistic soldiers and bandits, and sympathetic or even friendly opponents have all faced down the player's party over the years.

A Renegade (レネゲイド, Renegeido) is a type of monster seen in both Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Hoshikuzu no Shiro and Suikoden Tierkreis.

According to most, the term "Renegade" is just a generic term for any monster that has crossed into another world through a Gateway. For some reason, such monsters gain a strange power when this happens and they become much more powerful. Furthermore, Renegades cannot usually be defeated by anyone unless they are from the Renegade's original world themselves. (more...)

Neclord (Suikoden)
Neclord (ネクロード, Nekurōdo) appears as a boss in Suikoden.

The first time you encounter him, Neclord is unbeatable and you'll have to fight until your entire party is defeated to continue the game. He is similarly invincible the second time you fight him until you strike him with Viktor's Star Dragon Sword. (more...)

Angel Hairball
The Angel Hairball (光もさもさ, Hikari Mosamosa, Light Furball) is a fixed enemy in Suikoden IV. They can be fought three times in the game, each time hidden in a treasure chest.

This shining, brilliantly haired hairball can be found hidden in treasure chests on Iluya Island and in the Ruins of Obel. This dangerous foe has high strength, high defense against most types of magic, and a variety of spells at its disposal.

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