Kobold warrior determined to save his people
クロミミ, Kuromimi
108 Stars Chitan Star
Gender Male
Race Kobold
Age 20 (kobold years), 16 (human years) (S1)
Birth Year SY 442
From Kobold Village (Toran)
Family One unnamed brother
Unnamed mother
Appears in

Kuromimi (クロミミ, Kuromimi, Black Ears) is a supporting character in Suikoden. Kuromimi is a kobold warrior who set out to rescue Kobold Village's townspeople from the effects of Kwanda Rosman's Conqueror Rune and later arose to the position of Chief of Kobold Village.


Kuromimi fight. Everybody fix, but country still sickness.

—  Kuromimi

Kuromimi is a valiant young kobold warrior, driven by a quest to find a cure for the afflicted kobolds of Kobold Village, who were driven into a frenzy by Kwanda Rosman's Conqueror Rune. He was a kind-hearted kobold who cared deeply for his friends and family.

Doctor Kuromimi is here to cure everyone and lick their stitches!

In his pursuit of a cure, Kuromimi journeyed to the Village of the Dwarves, seeking their assistance. However, his efforts proved fruitless as the dwarves refused to provide any remedy. Undeterred, he later aligned himself with the Toran Liberation Army, joining forces to combat the Imperial Army and thwart Kwanda's malevolent schemes, particularly in protecting the Village of the Elves.

Even when surrounded by the Imperial Army in the Kobold Village, Kuromimi never gave up, admonishing the beleaguered Liberation Army group. After the successful defeat of Kwanda Rosman in the Battle at Pannu Yakuta Castle, Kuromimi experienced a heartwarming reunion with his now-cured mother and brother, whose joyous excitement led them to repeatedly exclaim his name.

Even after accomplishing his initial goal, Kuromimi expressed his desire to continue serving the greater cause. Filled with determination, he opted to join the Liberation Army, acknowledging that even if his people were now better, the nation as a whole still faced challenges.

Throughout his time with the army, he demonstrated his compassionate nature while training and fighting alongside Gon, a younger kobold who greatly admired the seasoned warrior. Kuromimi wielded a sword of excellent craftsmanship, though he opted not to give it a special name, similar to his friend Gon, preferring simplicity. He and Gon both preferred the outdoors at Toran Castle, enjoying the sun on their fur.

Upon the conclusion of the Gate Rune War, Kuromimi returned to Kobold Village, where his bravery and compassion were recognized. He was appointed as the Village Chief, taking on a leadership role and ensuring the prosperity of his people.

Game info


Recruited automatically prior to the Battle at Pannu Yakuta Castle.
Level Gender Range
-1 Male S

Battle bonds

Good Will
Protects This character does not protect anyone
Protected By Gon


Starting Equipment
Head Headband
Body Chest Plate
Shield Wooden Shield
Other --
Rune No rune attached
Equipment Type
Head Helmets
Body Light armor
Shield Can equip
Other Kobold


State Grades
Stat Growth Rate
1 24 13 12 13 13 11 13
20 170 68 60 68 68 43 68
60 600 146 128 146 146 88 146
90 770 170 150 170 170 110 170


War Stats
Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
Kobolds & Pal Bow 60 9 4


LV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
ATK 5 7 9 12 16 20 33 40 48 59 70 80 102 115 134 150
Name Sword Good Sword Excellent Sword
W Type W Level Element
One-handed sword N/A --

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
199 Kuromimi Leader Booster Pack Vol.2
CS2-414/R199 Kuromimi Leader Remake Booster





  • Kuromimi is listed as "Black Ears" in the United States Suikoden manual. This is likely because the words kuro and mimi mean black and ears, respectively, in Japanese.
  • Despite giving a speech where he is portrayed as the leader of the kobolds unit, Kuromimi is actually only a subordinate of the kobolds unit; the Commander is the non-kobold Fu Su Lu.

Other languages and releases

Japanese (katakana) クロミミ
Japanese (romaji) Kuromimi
Chinese simplified (HDR) 黑耳
Chinese traditional (HDR) 黑耳
Chinese pinyin Hēi ěr
English Kuromimi
French Kuromimi
German Kuromimi
Italian Kuromimi
Spanish Kuromimi


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