Gate Rune War

Civil war between the Scarlet Moon Empire and Toran Liberation Army

The Gate Rune War (門の紋章戦争, Mon no Monshō Sensō), also referred to less grandiosely as the Toran Liberation War (トラン解放戦争 Toran Kaihō Sensō), was a significant civil war that occured in the Toran region between the Scarlet Moon Empire and the Toran Liberation Army. The events of the war form the setting of Suikoden.


Following the War of Succession, Emperor Barbarosa Rugner shifted his focus away from politics, leading to an increase in corrupt bureaucrats within the Scarlet Moon Empire, causing public order to deteriorate, and allowing piracy and banditry to flourish.

Growing dissatisfaction with the empire culminated in SY 453 with the establishment of the Toran Liberation Army, founded by Odessa Silverberg. Although other resistance and anti-imperial groups existed before and after, this formal resistance movement marked a turning point, sparking open dissent and turmoil, thus initiating the Gate Rune War.

After several years of rebel activity, the Scarlet Moon Empire would respond. The unexpected raid on the Liberation Army's hideout in Lenankamp in 455 resulted in the death of Odessa, and the leadership was taken up by Teo McDohl's son, the hero.

With the strategic guidance of Mathiu Silverberg, the initially small resistance group evolved into a formidable military force. The rebellion gained momentum, forming powerful alliances and liberating numerous regions from the control of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

The war lasted for a total of four years - two years under Odessa's leadership and two years after the founding of the New Liberation Army. It culminated in SY 457 with the defeat of Barbarosa and the fall of Gregminster in the final battle.

Following the Scarlet Moon Empire's defeat, the Toran Republic emerged. Many war veterans later joined the New State Army during the Dunan Unification War.


The war was named the Gate Rune War due to the involvement of Gate Rune bearers, Windy supporting the Scarlet Moon Empire and Leknaat aiding the Toran Liberation Army.

The most commonly used name for the conflict is the Liberation War or Toran Liberation War, especially by those who suffered directly under the Scarlet Moon Empire. Historians, however, prefer the term "Gate Rune War" as it remains neutral, not favoring either the victorious Toran Liberation Army or the defeated Imperial Army.

Other languages and releases

Japanese kanji 門の紋章戦争
Japanese romaji Mon no Monshō Sensō
Chinese simplified (HDR) 门之纹章战争
Chinese traditional (HDR) 門之紋章戰爭
Chinese pinyin Mén zhī wénzhāng zhànzhēng
English Gate Rune War
French Guerre de la rune du portail
German Krieg um die Tor-Rune
Italian Guerra per il Sigillo del Varco
Spanish Guerra de la Runa Dimensional
Japanese kanji トラン解放戦争
Japanese romaji Toran Kaihō Sensō
Chinese simplified (HDR) 解放战争
Chinese traditional (HDR) 解放戰爭
Chinese pinyin Jiěfàng zhànzhēng
English Toran Liberation War
French Guerre de libération
German Befreiungskrieg
Italian Guerra di Liberazione
Spanish Guerra de Liberación


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