Mathiu Silverberg

Esteemed military strategist and educator
Mathiu Silverberg
マッシュ・シルバーバーグ, Masshu Shirubābāgu
108 Stars Tenki Star¹
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 35 (S1)
Birth Year SY 423
Family George (cousin)
Leon (uncle)
Odessa (sister)
One younger brother
Voice Fuse Masahide
(Radio Genso Suikoden: Assemble! 108 Stars!)
Appears in

Mathiu Silverberg (マッシュ・シルバーバーグ, Masshu Shirubābāgu) is a main character in Suikoden. Mathiu Silverberg was the military strategist for the Toran Liberation Army during the Gate Rune War.


But today..... I have realized something. Even if I close my eyes, the world will not disappear.

—  Mathiu Silverberg

Mathiu Silverberg was a famous military strategist of the celebrated Silverberg family. Mathiu served as a military strategist under Kasim Hazil during the War of Succession and served the empire faithfully until the Kalekka Incident. The Kalekka massacre haunted the quiet and thoughtful Mathiu, who decided to leave Imperial service.

Mathiu travelled to Seika, where he established a school. Mathiu also travelled to the Grassland for reasons unknown, before returning to Seika in the year 453. Among his students were Apple and Shu who in turn became famous strategists as well. At some point, he expelled Shu for using his intellect for selfish gain.

Hey, you can't talk about Flik and Odessa kissing like that, buster!

Mathiu refused to use his skills to fight for the Toran Liberation Army and his sister, Odessa Silverberg. This caused a schism between the two siblings, as Odessa never forgave him. After Odessa's death, McDohl travelled to Seika in order to meet Mathiu, but Mathiu refused to even discuss Odessa's death.

However, after McDohl rescued a student taken hostage by Imperial soldiers order by Kasim Hazil to bring Mathiu back into military service, Mathiu realized he could no longer hide away from the world and, passing on Odessa's wishes to McDohl, joined the Liberation Army as its strategist.

As strategist, Mathiu inherited the task of uniting various rebel factions throughout the land, incorporating dissatisfied parties and training them into an effective corps that could stand up to the Empire. He was able to organize what was a disparate collection of rogues into a fighting corps, assigning roles to officers as needed.

Mathiu believed in a clear divide between breakfast and lunch.

He was also not afraid to act unilaterally. For example, once suspicions that a spy had infiltrated the Liberation Army became known, Mathiu made sure that his plans became shrouded in mystery. In fact, even McDohl was caught by surprise when Mathiu announced his intention to attack the Northern Checkpoint.

However, a weakness of these strategies could be the lack of long-term planning. This showed itself most clearly with his plan for the surrender of Kasim Hazil, which involved allowing the City-State of Jowston to overrun the Senan region. Although this proved effective in forcing the surrender of Kasim Hazil, it also forced the Toran Republic to go to war with Jowston immediately after its formation, which soured relations with its northern neighbors at once.

His actions at Moravia also showed his willingness to put himself on the frontlines and risk his own life in need be to accomplish his goals. His confidence and bravery both lent themselves to him being trust in turn by the officers of the Liberation Army. His strategy at Moravia also showed his ability to strategize beyond the battlefield. Victory came without a pitched battle in that instance.

Mathiu was also responsible for recruiting his uncle, Leon Silverberg, into the ranks of the Liberation Army, stating that he did not trust Leon, but trusted in his abilities. He also reunited with Apple, one of his students, who returned from her studies in Crystal Valley as soon as she heard that her mentor was fighting once again.

You wiped out the Northern Checkpoint for having a late breakfast.

His daring ideas and flexible decision making were also a key part of his talents. Most notable was ensuring the Liberation Army would have the naval capacity needed for the Battle at Floating Fortress Shasarazade by having the dragon Thrash use their ice breath to create 500 frozen vessels in a single night. Such accomplishments would raise the army's morale even further.

Following the battle, Mathiu ordered the razing of the famed 'Floating Fortress'. During the attack, he was stabbed by Sanchez and was badly wounded. Although he was seriously injured even post-treatment, Mathiu continued to push himself, causing his health to rapidly degenerate. With an uncharacteristic fervor driven by his declining health, he was determined to realize all of Odessa's hopes through McDohl.

Following the last battle, he spent his last moments in a battlefield tent along with Liukan, passing away after receiving word that the emperor had fallen, and the war was over. Even as he passed away, however, Mathiu was still plagued with doubts that his participation in the war was right, lamenting the cold-blooded taking of lives needed as a military strategist.


Mathiu Silverberg can be considered one of the most influential strategists that lived on the northern continent. He not only directly participated in events and wars which would eventually lead to the formation of the Toran Republic, but also tutored students who would become renowned strategists on their own.

Mathiu was a great believer both people, and the future, which is partly why he was such an effective teacher. Shu, a student which he dismissed as he used his strategic mind for personal gain, would become the tactician of the New State Army and played an important role in the Dunan Republic later on.

Another student of his, Apple, also played a huge role during the Dunan Unification War, convincing Shu to join the New State Army and serving as secondary strategist. She would later teach Caesar Silverberg, Mathiu's nephew, in the art of war and he would quickly adapt to Mathiu's teachings. Apple also wrote a biography on Mathiu's life and took over his school in Seika after the War of the Champions.

Game info


Recruited automatically following story events in Seika.


War Stats
Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
The Strategists Other 550 1 0

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
CS2-318 Mathiu Commoner CS2 Booster Pack Vol.3



Just say the line, Bart!
  • Mathiu also had a named student who had not become a famous strategist, by the name of Finn. Finn was the first student to befriend Apple when she started attending Mathiu's school.
  • In the English versions of Suikoden, Mathiu is sometimes referred to as a doctor, and at other times as a strategist. This is a translation error; Mathiu does not have any medical background and he is only a military strategist. This is not his only translation woe; Mathiu's line "Oh my god. All this killing... in front of a children." is one of the series most famous quotes.

Other languages and releases

Japanese (katakana) マッシュ・シルバーバーグ
Japanese (romaji) Masshu Shirubābāgu
Chinese simplified (HDR) 马修·席维博格
Chinese traditional (HDR) 馬修・席維柏格
Chinese pinyin Mǎ xiū xí wéi bǎi gé
English Mathiu Silverberg
French Mathiu Silverberg
German Mathiu Silverberg
Italian Mathiu Silverberg
Spanish Mathiu Silverberg


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