Romance obsessed student of New Leaf Academy
ニナ, Nina
108 Stars Tenfu Star
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 16 (S2)
Birth Year SY 445
From Greenhill City
Appears in

Nina (ニナ, Nina) is a character in Suikoden II who also appears in Genso Suikogaiden Vol.1. Nina is a student at New Leaf Academy who tends to be a hopeless romantic.


I felt the hand of destiny upon my brow when Sir Flik fought in my honor. Aaah... I've heard the poets speak of it, but to FEEL it... Just talking about it makes me swoon...

—  Nina

Nina is a student at the New Leaf Academy whose bright and congenial personality made her a popular student at the school. She tended to be romantically drawn to foreign men. Her infatuations tend to leave her objects of affections puzzled and withdrawing from her.

When the Highland Army marched on Greenhill City, Nina helped as best she could to organize defenses within the city. During this tense time, she noticed Nash Latkje and immediately became attracted to the Harmonian native.

She also had a deep crush on Shin. It was this prusuit of Shin that brought her into contact with Teresa's hiding place in the city and she became an accomplise to their activites.

During the Highland occupation of Greenhill City, got herself into trouble with a guard, claiming him to be lecherous. The situation was diffused by Flik, which led to the beginnings of her infatuation with the Toran native.

She mistakingly saw Nanami as a rival for his affection during this time, due to the frequent rendezvous between the New State Army in Greenhill and Flik. For the duration of the New State Army's mission in Greenhill, she would attempt to be with Flik whenever possible.

She helped Shin and Teresa Wisemail by purchasing and delivering supplies to their hideout in Greenhill Forest and it was her who helped convince Teresa not to surrender herself to the Highland Army.

She joined the New State Army after Teresa escaped from Greenhill, where she continued to bother Flik. Despite Flik's extreme lack of romantic interest in Nina, the two did become somewhat closer over a series of night-time talks on the roof of the New State Army Headquarters.

Once the Dunan Unification War ended, Nina attempted to follow Flik but eventually lost his trail. She returned to New Leaf Academy where she awaits his return.



Nina joins automatically following plot events in Greenhill City.
Level Gender Size Range Anger Panic Fly
32 Young female M M A 3

Battle bonds

Good Will
Protects Flik
Protected By Sheena
Unite Attack
1 Groupie Attack w/ Flik


Starting Equipment
Head Cap
Body Kenpo
Shield --
Other --
Rune No rune attached
Equipment Type
Head Headgear
Body Magic Robe
Shield Can't equip
Other Spicy Pilaf 6
Fish Badge
Guard Ring


Elemental Affinities
Fire Water Earth
Lightning Wind Holy
Darkness Gate ???
C C -
Rune Slots
Head Level 53
Right Hand Level 1
Left Hand Never available
Weapon Never available


Stat Grades
Stat Growth Rate
1 20 12 13 12 13 12 12 12
20 170 60 68 60 75 51 60 60
60 290 94 107 94 119 80 94 94
90 410 128 146 128 163 108 128 128


LV 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
ATK 5 6 8 11 14 17 33 40 47 56 66 76 89 124 145 165
Name Book Belt New Book Belt Book Belt of Love
W Type W Level Range
Other N/A M

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
056 Nina Commoner Booster Pack Vol.1
309 Nina Commoner Premium Pack
CS2-181 Nina Commoner CS2 Booster Pack Vol.2
CS2-314 Nina Commoner CS2 Booster Pack Vol.3
CS2-446/R056 Nina Commoner Remake Booster
Non-character cards depicting this character
162 Road to Toran Mission Booster Pack Vol.1
168 Greenhill Liberation Mission Starter Box
CS2-603/R162 Road to Toran Mission Remake Booster
CS2-609/R168 Greenhill Liberation Mission Remake Booster





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