Village Chief

Ted's grandfather, bearer of the Soul Eater
Village Chief
村長, Murachō

Illustration Madokoro Natsue
Gender Male
Race Human
From Village of the Hidden Rune
Family Ted (grandson)
Appears in

The Village Chief (村長, Murachō), commonly known as Ted's grandfather, is a minor character in Suikoden. The Village Chief is a former bearer of the Rune of Life and Death as well as the grandfather of Ted.


Forgive me, Ted. I'm afraid I've passed on a sorrowful fate unto you.

—  Village Chief

The Village Chief was the chief of the Village of the Hidden Rune as well as the owner of the Rune of Life and Death. Three hundred years prior to the Gate Rune War, he refused to give the Soul Eater to Windy. The Village Chief became mistrustful of strangers, and, after asking any new arrivals whether they were associated with Windy, encouraged unaffiliated strangers to leave.

Oh, meeting Aldo won't be that bad. Stop exaggerating.

When Windy arrived at the Village of the Hidden Rune with Yuber and Neclord, the Village Chief asked why she had come. When Windy demanded the Soul Eater, the Village Chief pretended that he had never heard of such a thing, but Windy was unconvinced.

Windy threatened to have Yuber burn the village beyond recognition unless he gave her the Rune of Life and Death but, cursing Windy's eagerness to see the power of the Soul Eater, instead used it to briefly escape her grasp.

Escaping with his grandson, Ted, the Village Chief asked Ted to hold out his right hand and transferred the Rune of Life and Death to Ted. Remorseful, he asked Ted for forgiveness, as he felt he had passed on a sorrowful fate to his grandson. Imparting some final instructions to Ted to never use the power of the rune, the Village Chief gave Ted instructions to escape while he got Windy's attention and distracted her.

The Village Chief escaped into a forest, chased by Neclord and Yuber. His fate after that is unknown.

Other languages and releases

Japanese kanji 村長
Japanese romaji Murachō
Chinese simplified (HDR) 村长
Chinese traditional (HDR) 村長
Chinese pinyin Cūnzhǎng
English Village Chief
French Chef du village
German Dorfvorsteher
Italian Capo villaggio
Spanish Jefe de la aldea


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