Treasuring hunting enthusiast
アレックス, Arekkusu
108 Stars Chisu Star

Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 36
From Muse City, Dunan Republic
Family Hilda (wife)
Pete (son)
Appears in

Alex (アレックス, Arekkusu) is a character in Suikoden II. Alex is a treasure hunter who looks to find treasures to provide for his wife, Hilda, and son, Pete.


This is the treasure I found!!

—  Alex
Try paying your bills with a giant jewel.

Alex is a treasure hunter who lives near the Sindar Ruins at the White Deer Inn with his wife, Hilda. Alex met his wife during Muse's Harvest Festival and the two married six months later. The two eventually had a son, Pete, and opened an inn on the outskirts of Muse.

Alex became obsessed with the White Deer Inn ruins, believing them to be full of treasure. Though he styled himself a treasure hunter, he was a family man at heart and aimed to provide Hilda and Pete with a better life through his treasure hunting.

He was unable to secure much support for his plans in Muse. This obsession led him to neglect his work at the inn. When the hero, Jowy, and Nanami's party arrived at the White Deer Inn, Alex made a deal that he would loan the party their Entry Permit's if they would help him look for treasure.

The ruins were a disappointment as Alex only found some herbs, much to his initial disappointment. However, when he discovered Hilda had fallen ill from overwork, the herbs proved priceless as they quickly cured her and helped Alex realize his true priorities.

During the Dunan Unification War, Alex and Hilda were forced to abandon the White Deer Inn and flee to South Window City. There, they ran into the hero again and became part of the New State Army. Alex set up an item store for the New State Army and was briefly involved in battle when he acted as a faux reinforcement during a battle in the Matilda Knightdom.

Killey would later aggressively question Alex about his experience at the Sindar Ruins. Demanding to know what Alex discovered there, Alex would respond by pointing out his wife, his most dear treasure, and telling Killey that was what he discovered, the importance of his loved ones. Killey was seemingly satisifed with the answer.

After the war, Alex returned to the White Deer Inn with his family, but was unable to ever fully quit treasure hunting. Sometime later, a chance encounter with Billy would inspire Billy to also become a treasure hunter, at least in title.



Following plot events in North Window, talk to Alex and Hilda in the upstairs of South Window City's inn.

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Alex 100
Card Info
Alex 352
Card Info


  • Alex is one of the few characters who is known to be able to read Sindarin text.


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