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The Suikoden series is known for its large cast of characters. Seven games in the series focus on the 108 Stars, the characters recruitable by the player. There are also allies, antagonists, NPCs, historical persons, and entire casts of side-games as well as characters introduced in publications and manga.

This all adds up to a total of over 1,000 unique characters appearing in the series over the decades.

Featured Character
Marscal Godwin (マルスカール・ゴドウィン, Marusukāru Godōin) is a central antagonist in Suikoden V. Marscal is the leader of the powerful Godwin Faction and a believer in Falena's cultural supremacy.

As an individual, he is said to be intelligent but more cautious than his son, Gizel. He is capable of acts of great bravery, especially in his youth, and is said to have inspired the loyalty and respect of many within Falena's political and military ranks. He also has an eye for talent and would employ the prodigious Lucretia Merces as his strategist.

Marscal was the leader of the Godwin Faction one of the two power blocs that influenced policy within the Queendom of Falena. Compared to the Barows Faction, Marscal was very much a hardliner and a believer in Falena's right to use military force to secure her prosperity. (more...)

108 Stars
The 108 Stars, also called Starbearers and the Stars of Destiny are a recurring feature of the Suikoden series. They are the 107 allies of the player, tied together by destiny. Though bonded by fate, not all Stars are friendly or even on the same side as the player.

Nor are the 108 Stars always static. Depending on player choice, some Stars may replace others. A table of the 108 Stars in each game can be found at the 108 Stars page.

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