Military commander of Rockland
グレィディ, Gureidei

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 31 (S1)
Birth Year SY 427
Appears in

Grady (グレィディ, Gureidei) is a minor antagonist in Suikoden. The military commander of Rockland, Grady steals the money collected from Rockland's taxes and keeps it for himself.


Humph. Looks like you're doing very well here.

—  Kanaan
Man, why we do keep electing this guy? Oh right, autocracy.

Grady served as the corrupt military commander of Rockland, where he engaged in embezzlement by withholding the town's taxes for personal gain. He was also more than willing to use his underlings to drive away any complaining villagers. This unethical behavior caught the attention of Kraze Miles, who dispatched the Imperial Guard to investigate Rockland's tax issues.

Upon the arrival of the Imperial Guard members, Grady deceitfully blamed the lack of tax collection on the Mt. Seifu bandits, alleging that their pillaging activities hindered him from carrying out tax collection. In truth, it was Grady himself who was pilfering the tax money for his own benefit.

Despite the Imperial Guard's primary mission being unrelated to the capture of bandits, they took it upon themselves to apprehend Varkas and Sydonia, the leaders of the Mt. Seifu Bandits, and presented them to Grady as the supposed culprits. Grady promptly imprisoned Varkas and Sydonia, ignoring their protests of innocence and accusing them of being the tax thieves.

In a cunning move, Grady offered the Imperial Guard assistant commander Kanaan a cash bribe as a show of gratitude, falsely claiming it was a gift from the townspeople for their services. After the Imperial Guard left, Grady revealed his true intentions by cruelly binding Varkas and Sydonia to stakes outside his mansion, intending to let them starve to death.

Following their escape to Lenankamp, upon learning of Grady's heartless treatment of the captives, the hero and his party took it upon themselves to aid the Toran Liberation Army in rescuing Varkas and Sydonia. With a diversion provided by Viktor, the group managed to free the bandits and intimidate Grady before making their escape.

As the war neared its end, Grady fled from his position as the military commander of Rockland, much to the relief and delight of the town's inhabitants.


  • Grady is unusual in that he is one of two characters with official artwork released, but no window portrait. The other one is the Chief of the Elves.

Other languages and releases

Japanese katakana グレィディ
Japanese rōmaji Gureidi
Chinese simplified (HDR) 古雷迪
Chinese traditional (HDR) 古雷迪
Chinese pinyin Gǔ léi dí
English Grady
French Grady
German Grady
Italian Grady
Spanish Grady


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