Jillia Blight

Tragic princess of Highland
Jillia Blight
ジル・ブライト, Jiru Buraito
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 20 (S2)
Birth Year SY 445
From Highland Kingdom
Family Agares (step-father)
Luca (half-brother)
Sara (mother)
Appears in

Jillia Blight (ジル・ブライト, Jiru Buraito) is a supporting character in Suikoden II. Jillia Blight was the Princess of the Highland Kingdom during the Dunan Unification War.


Up until now I've always thought somehow I could stop him, but....It looks impossible now....

—  Jillia Blight

Jillia Blight, the final Queen of the Highland Kingdom, exuded a benevolent and composed demeanor, serving as a stark contrast to her half-brother, the infamous "Mad Prince," Luca Blight. The differences between the siblings gave rise to speculations about their true relation; however, records affirm that they were indeed half-siblings, sharing the same mother.

As a young woman, she would spend summers at the royal family's holiday home in Kyaro Town. As she matured, Jillia began to be presented with potential suitors but she ended up rejecting them all. Though she understood her brother's suffering and tried to restrain him, it became clear she had no more control over him than anyone else.

Throughout the tumultuous events of the Dunan Unification War, Jillia witnessed the devastating consequences of Luca's unrestrained rampages, which left her feeling apprehensive and powerless to challenge his authority. When Jillia was confronted by the hero and Jowy Atreides during the infiltration of the Highland camp, Jillia said she could well understand his hatred of Highland.

However Jowy would respond that he did not hate Highland, but the conflict that was brewing. It was this realization of Jowy's compassion and desire for peace that resonated in her and led her to entrust herself to him. During the course of the conflict, she found herself entangled in a tragic scheme orchestrated by both Luca and Jowy Atreides, to whom she was eventually betrothed.

The sinister plan aimed to assassinate King Agares, further deepening the complexities of the war. With the death of Agares and the subsequent death of Luca soon after, Jillia would ascend to the position of Queen of Highland, with her bethrowed, Jowy, becoming King at the moment of their marriage. As women were not allowed to become the sovereign of Highland, this was a controversial or unexpected occurrence.

Despite the heart-wrenching knowledge that Jowy was employing her as a pawn to pursue his ambitions, Jillia's unwavering love for him persisted throughout the war, drawn to his passion for peace. As the conflict drew to a close, Jowy made the difficult decision to send Jillia away, ensuring her safety in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia as he pursued his destiny. Jillia would use their last meeting to confess her full, true love for Jowy, despite and because of everything he had done.

Accompanied by Pilika, Jillia settled in a rural residence within Harmonia's bounds, where she ever patiently awaited Jowy's eventual return.

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
047 Jillia Commoner Booster Pack Vol.1
300 Jillia Commoner Premium Pack
CS2-171 Jillia Commoner CS2 Booster Pack Vol.2
CS2-437/R047 Jillia Commoner Remake Booster





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