Teo McDohl

Undefeated Great General of the Scarlet Moon Empire
Teo McDohl
テオ・マクドール, Teo Makudōru

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 42 (S1)
Birth Year SY 416
From Gregminster, Scarlet Moon Empire
Family Hero (Suikoden) (son)
Voice Yamakawa Atsuya (Radio Genso Suikoden: Assemble! 108 Stars!)
Appears in

Teo McDohl (テオ・マクドール, Teo Makudōru) is a character in Suikoden. He is the father of the game's primary protagonist and he serves as one of the generals of the Scarlet Moon Empire.


The most powerful general is most certainly General Teo McDohl, victor of a hundred out of a hundred battles. Don't you agree?

—  Imperial Guardsman

Teo McDohl, one of the esteemed Five Great Generals of the Scarlet Moon Empire, played a crucial role in the War of Succession under the command of Barbarosa Rugner. He served as the general of the 2nd Imperial Central Army, a distinguished force without specific territorial jurisdiction.

Teo earned the moniker "invincible general" due to his remarkable record of never losing a battle. He was also known as "The victor of 100 out of 100 battles", a straightforward title for a straightforward man. He gained recognition for his visionary understanding of the potential of the previously under-utilized Armored Cavalry, molding them into a legendary unit.

The general displayed unwavering loyalty to Emperor Barbarosa and demonstrated numerous acts of valor during the War of Succession, which garnered him the trust of the emperor. Teo's noble demeanor and character earned him immense respect from many and unwavering loyalty from his subordinates. Physically, he stood tall and imposing, especially when adorned in his silver armor and distinctive yellow cape.

Before the war, Teo embarked on a mission to subdue lake bandits in Gouran, who were funded by Assam as part of Geil Rugner's divisive plot to isolate Barbarosa's allies before claiming the throne. Teo blamed himself for not recognizing Geil and Assam's schemes, and he absolved Gremio of any fault in his son's abduction, another part of Assam's plot.

When faced with Assam's ultimatum for a decisive battle without the Armored Cavalry's armor, Teo rejected it outright, refusing to compromise his loyalty and principles for the ransom of his son. Although the incident impacted the morale of his unit, with his good friend, Ain Gide, even volunteered to have his cavalry take the lead in the ensuing battle, news of his son's rescue revitalized Teo's forces, leading to a decisive victory.

Teo never remarried after the death of his wife, who was the mother of his son and passed away shortly after childbirth. She was known for her sincerity and wisdom. In the past, Teo adopted Ted, believing him to be a war orphan.

Teo maintained a long-standing friendship with Ain Gide, now the Commander of the Fortress of Kwaba. He held a low opinion of Kraze Miles, considering him weak and cowardly. Additionally, Teo seemed to have some form of romantic relationship with fellow general Sonya Shulen.

Teo played a pivotal role in aiding Sonya during her initial struggles as a newly appointed Great General, and their mutual respect eventually blossomed into romance. Despite initial hesitation, Teo followed his heart and pursued a romantic relationship with Sonya.

In the early stages of the Gate Rune War, Teo was assigned to the northern region to safeguard the border with the City-State of Jowston. He was entrusted with Barbarosa's own sword, Prakk, for this mission. However, some of his actions appeared to go beyond his official briefing, as evidenced by the destruction of Rokkaku Hamlet.

Teo's son assuming the leadership of the Toran Liberation Army brought mixed opinions about Teo's legacy. Teo himself swore to show no mercy towards his son. In an initial battle, the Liberation Army was forced to retreat, and Teo's advance was only halted after he lost a duel against Pahn. It remains uncertain whether Teo held back during this duel.

In the subsequent rematch, the Liberation Army emerged victorious, marking Teo's first and only defeat in battle, primarily due to their use of Fire Spears. Despite the loss, Teo refused to surrender, challenging his son to a duel, which the latter accepted. Just like his son, he did not want to fight in his heart, but he was a proud man willing to fight for his beliefs and wanted to bestow that pride to his son in turn.

Teo was ultimately defeated in the duel and, with his final words, admitted his stubbornness in fighting for the emperor, aware of the crumbling of the empire's institutions. He blessed his son's choice and expressed pride in his son for surpassing him.

Genso Suikoden Card Stories TCG

Card # Name Type Release
CS2-283 Teo Leader CS2 Booster Pack Vol.3




Other languages and releases

Japanese katakana テオ・マクドール
Japanese rōmaji Teo Makudōru
Chinese simplified (HDR) 提奥·麦克多
Chinese traditional (HDR) 迪歐・麥克多
Chinese pinyin Díōu màikè duō
English Teo McDohl
French Théo McDohl
German Teo McDohl
Italian Teo McDohl
Spanish Teo McDohl


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