Teo McDohl

Undefeated Great General of the Scarlet Moon Empire
Teo McDohl
テオ・マクドール, Teo Makudōru
Teo McDohl.png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 42 (Suikoden)
Birth Year SY 416
From Gregminster, Scarlet Moon Empire
Family Hero (Suikoden) (son)
Voice Yamakawa Atsuya (Radio Genso Suikoden: Assemble! 108 Stars!)
Appears in

Teo McDohl (テオ・マクドール, Teo Makudōru) is a character in Suikoden. He is the father of the game's primary protagonist and he serves as one of the generals of the Scarlet Moon Empire.


The most powerful general is most certainly General Teo McDohl, victor of a hundred out of a hundred battles. Don't you agree?

—  Imperial Guardsman

Teo McDohl was one of the Five Great Generals of the Scarlet Moon Empire, who had fought under Barbarosa Rugner during the War of Succession. General of the 2nd Imperial Central Army, which was not assigned to a particular region, he was known as the invincible general because of his amazing feat of having never lost a single battle. He was also the man who realized the potential of the previously under-utilized Armored Cavalry, forging them into a legendary unit.

He was incredibly devoted to Barbarosa and was known for his many feats of valor during the War of Succession. His noble bearing and personality earned him the respect of many people as well as powerful loyalty from his subordinates. He was a physically tall, imposing figure especially when clad in his silver armor and yellow cape.

Just prior to the war, Teo undertook a mission to subdue lake bandits in Gouran. These bandits were funded by Assam as part of Geil Rugner's plot to divide and isolate Barbarosa's allies before taking the throne. When Geil's plotting came to fruition, Teo blamed himself for not seeing through Geil and Assam's schemes, absolving Gremio for being unable to prevent his son's abduction.

Hearing Assam's ultimatum: to meet in a decisive battle without the famed Armored Cavalry's armor, Teo rejected it out of hand, unwilling to compromise his loyalty and beliefs for the ransoming of his son. Still, the incident greatly affected the morale of the unit and his good friend, Ain Gide, even volunteered to have his cavalry take the lead in the ensuing battle. Thankfully, news of his son's rescue would reach the battlefield, galvanizing Teo's forces and ensuring a one-sided victory.

Teo never remarried after his only wife, the mother of his son passed away due to illness shortly after his birth. It seems that she was a commoner and an unaffected and sincere sort who was deserving of the term "wise mother." In the past, it was Teo who adopted Ted, thinking him a war orphan. Teo was also an old friend of Ain Gide, Commander of the Fortress of Kwaba. Teo did not think highly of Kraze Miles, regarding him as a weakling. He also seemed to have some form of relationship with fellow general Sonya Shulen.

When Sonya ascended to the position of Great General, it was Teo who was there to help her during her initial struggles adapting to such a lofty position. Their feelings of mutual respect eventually turned to romance. Teo was originally hesitant but eventually followed his heart.

Early in the Gate Rune War, Teo was assigned to the north, supposedly to protect the border with the City-State of Jowston and was favored by Barbarosa enough to receive his own sword, Prakk, for the mission. At least some of his activities fell outside of this briefing as the razing of Rokkaku would indicate.

His son's ascension to leader of the Toran Liberation Army was considered by some to have sullied Teo's name. Teo himself swore to show no mercy for his son. An initial victory in battle saw the Liberation Army forced to retreat with Teo's advance only staved off after losing a duel against Pahn, although whether Teo held back is undetermined.

The rematch ended in a total victory for the Liberation Army and Teo's first and only loss in battle, thanks to the Liberation Army's use of Fire Spears. However, Teo refused to surrender, challenging his son to a duel which was accepted. Teo was defeated in the duel and with his final words admitted he fought for the emperor out of stubbornness and gave blessing to his son's choice. His final words told his son how proud he was that his son had surpassed himself.


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