Geil Rugner

Usurper of the throne of the Scarlet Moon Empire
Geil Rugner
ゲイル・ルーグナー, Geiru Rūgunā

Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
From Gregminster
Family Barbarosa (nephew)
Kallnach (father)
Michelan (brother)
Appears in

Geil Rugner (ゲイル・ルーグナー Geiru Rūgunā), born Georg Rugner (ゲオルグ・ルーグナー Georugu Rūgunā), is a character mentioned in Suikoden. He was the immediate predecessor as Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire before Barbarosa Rugner.


My only master is Geil Rugner.

—  Kreutz

Geil Rugner was born the eldest son of Kallnach Rugner and thus, the seemingly obvious choice as the new Emperor once his father died. However, on Kallnach's deathbed, he chose Geil's younger brother, Michelan as his successor. As an adult, he wore a gold-rimmed monocle and had a double chin and aquiline nose.

When Michelan passed away, it appeared the emperorship would fall to Michelan's son, Barbarosa. However, Geil used his influence in the courts to claim that Michelan had suborned the will of Kallanch and thus had Barbarosa stripped of the crown through the Trial of Disinheritance while he was away in Kunan. Geil was then crowned Emperor of the Scarlet Moon Empire. The War of Succession broke out soon after.

Geil seemed well backed during the war, having a mixture of generals and administrators, including Bergen, Schmidt, Assam and Kreutz, the latter of which considered to be the greatest of Geil's generals. But he decided to enact a brutal rule in an attempt to secure his power, collaborating with bandits and lake pirates, losing him the support of the populace.

Meanwhile, Barbarosa managed to gather his own impressive followers, including the six Great Generals and within a year, the war was over. Geil Rugner made one final stand at Gregminster but was cut down and killed by Barbarosa himself.


  • Geil was born Georg Rugner but later changed his name to Geil as it was considered more favorable from an astrological perspective as well as easier to pronounce. Close friends still sometimes called him Georg, however.

Other languages and releases

Japanese katakana ゲイル・ルーグナー
Japanese rōmaji Geiru Rūgunā
Chinese simplified (HDR) 盖尔・鲁格纳
Chinese traditional (HDR) 蓋爾・魯格納
Chinese pinyin Gàiěr lǔgénà
English Geil Rugner
French Geil Rugner
German Gail Rugner
Italian Geil Rugner
Spanish Geil Rugner


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