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Where people gather in the Suikoden series so do organizations and groups. People from all walks of life come together through the Suikoden series to establish concerns and bonds.

From profit-seeking businesses, to social relaxation, to forces of political intrigue and military might, groups of people can change and affect the world in ways most individuals would struggle to match.

Armes Western Marine Corps
The Armes Western Marine Corps (アーメス新王国西海兵団, Āmesu Shin Ōkoku Saikai Heidan) is a military unit in Suikoden V.

The Western Marine Corps was traditionally led by the Valya family, a member of the Madra Clan, one of the more moderate factions in the New Armes Kingdom. In the past, the Western Marine Corps had engaged in skirmishes and battles against the navies of the Island Nations Federation.

During the Sun Rune War, Shula Valya served as the commander of the unit, assisted by Sharmista and Nifsara. (more...)

Black Dragon Group
The Black Dragon Group (黒竜料理会, Kokuryū Ryōri Kai) is an organization in Suikoden II.

The Black Dragon Group was a cooking society. Hai Yo was once a member of the organization but the group gradually corrupted as they lusted after the ultimate Moon Bird Recipe in order to control the hearts of those they were supposed to serve. Shun Min would steal the recipe and pass it on to Hai Yo, urging him to flee. (More...)

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