Imperial Army

National military force of the Scarlet Moon Empire

The Scarlet Moon Imperial Army (赤月帝国軍, Aka Gatsu Teikoku-gun) is the national military force of the Scarlet Moon Empire. It serves as the antagonistic forces of the first Suikoden.


The Imperial Army is essentially subdivided into three different sections.

Imperial Central Army

The Imperial Central Army (中央軍, Chūō-gun) is the core of the entire army. These were the actual fighting soldiers of the army, called on dispatch foes the Regional Army were not equipped to handle, such as lake pirates or battles with other powers, such as the City-State of Jowston. Including the first army, there are up to six companies within the Central Army, each led by one of the Great Generals of the Empire.

Generals of the Central Army are expected to be extremely loyal to the emperor and the Scarlet Moon Empire as a whole. Only the Imperial Guard, the Capital Security Force and the First Army are under the direct control of the emperor, however. The Second through Sixth Armies, meanwhile, more resemble the private armies of their generals.

Therefore, the actions of each army are usually left to the discretion of its commander. This gives each army extreme responsiveness when it comes to changing situations and considerations in times of warfare. However, it almost meant that the defection of one general could mean the loss of an entire company, making it a somewhat fragile force.

Imperial Regional Army

The Imperial Regional Army (地方軍, Chihō-gun) is permanently stationed in each region of the Empire. Under the command of military government officials, they take the role of law enforcement at the town and village level, rather than that of an army.

These military commanders are appointed by the Great General overseeing each region. Many of these commanders are people of great importance or influence in their hometowns. The majority of regional army soldiers were also recruited from and stationed in their locality.

The Empire collects taxes from these commanders, who gathers taxes from the people in exchange for their governance and protection. With a weak emperor, this system would lead to a lack of control and a sharp rise in corruption and embezzlement from said military commanders.

Imperial Guard

Main article: Imperial Guard

The main role of the Imperial Guard, meanwhile, is to protect Gregminster and the emperor. They have no effective role in the governing of the Empire.


There is no system of knighthood in the Scarlet Moon Empire. It is a hierarchal system beginning with common soldiers and working up through officers to general to commander-in-chief.


For the replenishment of common soldiers, generals would often employ conscription drives. For officers, however, those with the desire and the ability to pay the enrolment fee and attend the Imperial Academy at Gregminster. Graduates of the academy are assigned to generals at their own volition. Detailed education on the use of runes is also taught at the academy. Children of prominent families, on the other hand, were usually assigned directly by the emperor.

Other languages and releases

Japanese kanji 帝国軍
Japanese romaji Teikoku-gun
Chinese simplified (HDR) 帝国军
Chinese traditional (HDR) 帝國軍
Chinese pinyin Dìguó jūn
English Imperial Army
French Armée impériale
German Kaiserliche Armee
Italian Esercito imperiale
Spanish Ejército Imperial


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