Muse City

Capital city of the City-State of Jowston
Muse City
ミューズ市, Myūzu Shi

Type City
Nation Dunan Monarchy (until 185)
City-State of Jowston (314-460)
Dunan Republic (460 onwards)
Region Dunan
Population 13,000 (pre-Dunan Unification War)
Appears in

Muse City (ミューズ市, Myūzu Shi) is a location in Suikoden II which also features in Genso Suikogaiden Vol.1 and Genso Suikoden Card Stories. It is the capital of Muse Principality and center of the Dunan Republic, as well as its predecessor, the City-State of Jowston.


Muse City, once a part of the Dunan Monarchy, gained its status as a city-state in SY 185 during the fall of the monarchy. Its inaugural mayor was Revier. Positioned strategically, the city remained at the forefront of conflicts with the Highland Kingdom. The city would later become one of the founding members of the City-State of Jowston.

As the thriving center of the City-State of Jowston, Muse City boasted a sizable population of 13,000, making it one of the largest cities within the alliance. Its prosperity was evident in the constant bustle of its stores and the vibrant activity of its people. Although lacking a formal trading post, the city's streets were lined with numerous businesses, attracting daily crowds of customers. Commerce and trade stood as the primary industries, reflecting the city's economic vitality.

West of the city lay the gates leading to Jowston Hill, a significant venue for essential City-State meetings. The gates were selectively opened during special occasions and ceremonies, such as these crucial gatherings.

Given its strategic importance and wealth, Muse City became the primary target of the Highland Army once the Dunan Unification War intensified. Tragically, the city suffered extensive damage, particularly after the murder of Mayor Anabelle and the subsequent occupation by Highland forces. The dire situation worsened when Luca Blight rounded up citizens of the city to sacrifice to the Beast Rune, leading to an infestation of Golden Wolves.

After the conflict, Muse City embarked on the challenging path to healing the scars of war. Implementing policies centered around its traditional strengths of trade and commerce, the city now strides confidently towards a smooth recovery.


Suikoden II

Armor Shop
50 potch
800 potch
Wind Feather Ornament
500 potch
Pointy Hat*
1200 potch
200 potch
Guard Robe*
4800 potch
Fur Robe
700 potch
3500 potch
Chest Plate
1000 potch
Wooden Shield
300 potch
Item Shop
100 potch
Sacrificial Jizo
5000 potch
200 potch
200 potch
200 potch
Flaming Arrows Scroll*
700 potch
Throat Drop
200 potch
Sun Badge*
3700 potch
Escape Talisman
500 potch
Rune Shop
Fire Orb
6000 potch
Unicorn Orb
6000 potch
Earth Orb
4000 potch
Water Orb*
7000 potch
Titan Orb
6000 potch
Fury Orb*
15000 potch

Genso Suikoden Card Stories

Trading Post
088 Tuta
200 potch
100 Alex
160 potch
129 Hilda
560 potch
172 Retake Muse[note]
1080 potch
152 Highland Reconnaissance
320 potch
158 Escape Muse[note]
480 potch
183 Library[note]
200 potch
178 Inn[note]
175 potch
043 Jess*
1440 potch
061 Fitcher*
640 potch
096 Anita*
1440 potch
092 Huan*
560 potch
034 Apple*
1800 potch
087 Templeton*
720 potch
159 Sindar Treasure*
320 potch
167 Mercenary Fortress Battle*
720 potch


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