Highland Army

National armed forces of the Highland Kingdom

The Highland Army (ハイランド王国軍, Hairando Ōkokugun) are the armed forces of the Highland Kingdom. It serves as the antagonistic force for Suikoden II.


Because the Highland Kingdom has had antagonistic relations with other cities and nations since its establishment, great efforts had been put into the development of its military. Each general of a company was expected to rise to the position by merit, in order to ensure that only the strong and elite would battle the enemy.

In addition, Highland actively hired mercenaries and incorporated them into their forces. Also, organizations such as the Unicorn Brigade trained young boys as soldiers, developing those who would be making up the Highland Army in the future.


1st Highland Army

It was customary for the commander-in-chief of the Highland Army to served as the commander of 1st Army. It was an elite unit formed from only the best of the Kingdom's armed forces. The name "White Wolf Army" is derived from their tradition of wearing white equipment, following Highland's symbol of the wolf in white, the national color.

At the beginning of the Dunan Unification War, Prince Luca Blight had assumed command of the army from his father, King Agares. Following his death, Jowy Atreides took the throne and thus became the commander of the 1st Army.

2nd Highland Army

The 2nd Army is the army that aims to protect the Imperial City of L'Renouille, and was headed by the Commander of the Royal Guard. It was sometimes called the "black-robed army" because of the dark equipment its members wore.

Han Cunningham was Commander of the 2nd Army during the Dunan Unification War, the position being seen as an honor for the long-serving veteran.

3rd Highland Army

The 3rd Army was a heavy combat unit that formed the backbone of many Highland military campaign. During the Dunan Unification War, it was known as the force that besieged Two River City. It was commanded at the time by Kiba Windamier but following his surrender to the New State Army, the army were reorganized with Culgan as its commander.

4th Highland Army

Similar to the 3rd Army, the 4th Army was designed to fight on the front lines. Newly appointed commanders were first given command of the 4th Army. Only those who succeeded in this position could hope for further advancement as an army commander.

At the beginning of the Dunan Unification War, Solon Jhee served as commander of the 4th Army. He was eventually removed from his post and executed due to repeated defeats. Jowy Atreides would succeed him as commander but upon his ascension to the throne, he would appoint Seed as his replacement.

Unicorn Brigade

This youth corps was made up for boys who showed promised as the future of the Highland Army. Those who excelled in the Unicorn Brigade could even aspire to be appointed to the Royal Guard. It was customary to name youth brigades after animals.

Temporary Units

Karaya Clan Unit

This force was led by Lucia, chief of the Karaya Clan, a Grassland people who fought to revive their clan and avenge the assassination of their former chief Kianu by the City-State of Jowston.

Yuber Unit

This unit was led by the dark knight Yuber, who was summoned by Highland strategist Leon Silverberg. Although Yuber himself was not a Highland general, he led this unit as a guest general, fought against the New State Army many times, and devoted himself to the cause of Highland until the final battle.


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