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ユリ Yuri

Illustration Yashioka Sho
Gender Female
Race Human

Yuri (ユリ, Yuri) is a character who appears in Genso Suikogaiden Vol.1. Yuri is a woman who worked at an inn in the city of Greenhill.


Don't forget to pay for staying here. It's been three days. It's a small price to pay for your life, isn't it?

—  Yuri

Yuri worked at an inn in Greenhill City and was ordered by Teresa Wisemail to tend to Nash Latkje when he collapsed just in the forest just outside the city. Nash noted that he was not saved out of the kindness of her heart, as Greenhill's food supplies were running desperately low.

Despite this, she showed some sympathy for Nash and was concerned for his well-being in general as events escalated in the city, leading to its siege by the Highland Kingdom.


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