Race of blood-drinkers borne from the Moon Rune

Vampires (吸血鬼, Kyūketsuki) are a race in the Suikoden series. Several prominent characters in the series have been vampires.


Vampires are a race created from humans by the Moon Rune. The Moon Rune transformed Sierra Mikain into a vampire when she encountered it and she is considered the mother of all vampires. The vampire urge to feast on other people's blood to sustain themselves is negated by the Moon Rune but without the presence of the rune, vampires are forced to feed or perish.

According to Sierra, it is a superstition that just having one's blood sucked makes one a vampire. The vampire has to have intent for the victim to become a vampire in order for such a change to take place.

Vampires also tended to have eternally youthful bodies, as well as powerful magical abilities, such as being able to manipulate the dead, as well as transformative abilities, being able to turn into bats. When Neclord stole the Moon Rune, the vampires of Blue Moon Village had to choose between consuming blood to survive or dying in agony.

Every few decades, a vampire tends to crop up in civilisation, kidnapping people, destroying towns or siring more of their kind. As a result, vampires are generally feared and are usually hunted when recognized. The historical figure Wilder was said to be the first successful vampire killer.

During the Gate Rune War, the vampire Neclord set up base in the Lorimar region, tormenting the people of the Warriors' Village before his defeat at the hands of Viktor and the Star Dragon Sword. He would reappear in Tinto City during the Dunan Unification War before being destroyed once and for all.


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