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Polite maid of Penenberg Manor
アヤナ, Ayana

Illustration Yashioka Shō
Gender Female
Race Vampire
Appears in

Ayana (アヤナ, Ayana) is a character who appears in Genso Suikogaiden Vol.1. Ayana is a polite young maid in the employ of Rein Penenberg but also happens to be an undead vampire with a cruel streak.


You're awful, Mr. Nash... You didn't trust me, did you?

—  Ayana
Nash finishes Ayana with a blessed kobold figurine.

Ayana held the appearance of a young, cheerful maid, catering to Nash and Sierra's needs at Penenberg Manor, including preparing their meals.

Later during the night, Ayana pretended to be injured by the zombies that attacked Nash and Sierra only to strike out at Nash when he moved to help her. It turned out that Ayana too was a vampire. Drawing out a long sword, she prepared to kill Nash, her cheerful personality shown to be a pretense.

She was much stronger and faster than her small frame suggested, enough so that Nash reasoned that his experience fighting human opponents would count for nothing against her. Indeed, Nash found himself batted around by the vampire as he struggled to find Sierra.

Ayana had previously murdered and feasted on a kobold family that Nash had met earlier. This is what allowed Nash to defeat her as he found a Kobold Amulet, which held a blessing of divine protection, and thrust it through Ayana's chest, killing her in vengeance. Still, Nash felt some pity for Ayana, viewing her as another minion robbed of a soul by the undead.


As a vampire, Ayana had strength and agility that went beyond normal human limits. When fighting her, Nash noted that his experience fighting against human opponents would count for nothing against someone with her abilities. She was strong enough to send Nash flying with a single hit and her endurance was high enough that she didn't even flinch when Nash kicked her hand in order to dislodge her sword.

Ayana was able to extend her fingernails, using them like claws to attack. She was also a skilled swordswoman.


  • Ayana's Suikogaiden artwork is repurposed in Genso Suikoden Card Stories on the Game Boy Advance. There it is used to represent the female innkeeper in towns.


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