Guardian Deity statue

Item bestowing statue at New State Army Headquarters

The Guardian Deity statue (守護神像, Shugoshin-zō) is a sculpture that appears in Suikoden II. By selecting plans for the four segments of the Guardian Deity, items can be awarded to the player.


I'm thinking about sculpting a 'Guardian Deity' for this castle. Right now I'm looking for blueprints.

—  Jude

This guardian deity was built in the main hallway on the ground floor of New State Army Headquarters during the Dunan Unification War. It was created by the sculptor Jude based on a series of exclusive blueprints provided to him by the hero.

When completed, the New State Army held a ceremony to celebrate its completion. The Guardian Deity spirit awoke and gave an item to the hero as a sign of its blessing.


The form the player's Guardian Deity statue takes depends on which blueprints the player selects. There are four different categories (Head, Body, Legs, and Tail) and four different blueprints for each area (Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle, and Rabbit). There are 256 potential combinations (4 x 4 x 4 x 4).

Players can only obtain one of the rewards listed from their initial Guardian Deity Statue. Changing the plans later will not yield additional items. Some combinations of plans yield the same items as other combinations.

It also just looks majestic

The Prosperity Rune and Fortune Rune are the only unique rewards from the Guardian Deity statue. Plans Rabbit, Turtle, Rabbit, Turtle as Head, Body, Legs, and Tail respectively will award the player with both these runes.

The Phero Rune can only be attained prior to defeating the final boss by using the statue also. It is available in Sajah Village afterwards.

List of Guardian Deity rewards

Head Body Legs Tail Award
Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Dragon Incense
Dragon Dragon Dragon Unicorn Fire Orb
Dragon Dragon Dragon Turtle Hex Doll
Dragon Dragon Dragon Rabbit Medicine x6
Dragon Dragon Unicorn Dragon Flame Helmet
Dragon Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Fury Orb
Dragon Dragon Unicorn Turtle 9,000 potch
Dragon Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Stone of Speed
Dragon Dragon Turtle Dragon Headgear
Dragon Dragon Turtle Unicorn Balance Orb
Dragon Dragon Turtle Turtle 30,000 potch
Dragon Dragon Turtle Rabbit Stone of Power
Dragon Dragon Rabbit Dragon Leather Hat
Dragon Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Double-Strike Orb
Dragon Dragon Rabbit Turtle 8,000 potch
Dragon Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Protection Mist Scroll x9
Dragon Unicorn Dragon Dragon Bandana x2
Dragon Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Rage Orb
Dragon Unicorn Dragon Turtle 15,000 potch
Dragon Unicorn Dragon Turtle Flaming Arrows Scroll x9
Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Silver Hat
Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Skunk Orb
Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Turtle 22,000 potch
Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Clay Guardian Scroll x9
Dragon Unicorn Turtle Dragon Circlet
Dragon Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Firefly Orb
Dragon Unicorn Turtle Turtle 32,000 potch
Dragon Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Thunder Runner Scroll x9
Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Silver Hat
Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Fire Sealing Orb
Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Turtle 17,000 potch
Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Raw Tomato x9
Dragon Turtle Dragon Dragon Full Helmet
Dragon Turtle Dragon Unicorn Dragon Incense, Blue Gate Orb
Dragon Turtle Dragon Turtle Gold Bar x2
Dragon Turtle Dragon Rabbit Drops of Kindness Scroll x9
Dragon Turtle Unicorn Dragon Wind Hat
Dragon Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Double-Beat Orb
Dragon Turtle Unicorn Turtle 36,000 potch
Dragon Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Tom Yum Soup x9
Dragon Turtle Turtle Dragon Half Helmet
Dragon Turtle Turtle Unicorn Killer Rune
Dragon Turtle Turtle Turtle Gold Bar
Dragon Turtle Turtle Rabbit Beefsteak x6
Dragon Turtle Rabbit Dragon Wind Feather Ornament
Dragon Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Wall Orb
Dragon Turtle Rabbit Turtle 35,000 potch
Dragon Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Stone of Luck
Dragon Rabbit Dragon Dragon Circlet
Dragon Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Counter Orb
Dragon Rabbit Dragon Turtle 17,000 potch
Dragon Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Dragon Incense, Fortune Orb
Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Pointy Hat
Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Spark Orb
Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Turtle 22,000 potch
Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Medicine x9
Dragon Rabbit Turtle Dragon Half Helmet
Dragon Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Gale Orb
Dragon Rabbit Turtle Turtle 39,000 potch
Dragon Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Bolt of Wrath Scroll x9
Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Half Helmet
Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Titan Orb
Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Turtle 12,000 potch
Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Revenge Earth Scroll x6
Unicorn Dragon Dragon Dragon Wing Ornament
Unicorn Dragon Dragon Unicorn Knight Orb
Unicorn Dragon Dragon Turtle 8,000 potch
Unicorn Dragon Dragon Rabbit Flaming Sea x6
Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Dragon Horned Helmet
Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Viper Orb
Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Turtle 16,000 potch
Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Tekka-Don
Unicorn Dragon Turtle Dragon Crimson Cape
Unicorn Dragon Turtle Unicorn Great Hawk Orb
Unicorn Dragon Turtle Turtle Landscape Scroll
Unicorn Dragon Turtle Rabbit Chick
Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Dragon Gloves
Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Lion Orb
Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Turtle 17,000 potch
Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Toy Boat
Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Dragon Goldlet
Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Water Orb
Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Turtle 19,000 potch
Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Stone of Skill
Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Rose Brooch
Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Blue Gate Orb
Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Turtle 22,000 potch
Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Antitoxin x4
Unicorn Unicorn Turtle Dragon Wind Amulet
Unicorn Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Hunter Orb
Unicorn Unicorn Turtle Turtle 72,000 potch
Unicorn Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Mega Medicine x9
Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Power Ring
Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Kite Orb
Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Turtle 16,000 potch
Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Drops of Kindness Scroll x6
Unicorn Turtle Dragon Dragon Guard Ring
Unicorn Turtle Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Orb
Unicorn Turtle Dragon Turtle 39,000 potch
Unicorn Turtle Dragon Rabbit Revenge Earth Scroll x9
Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Dragon Belt of Strength
Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Thunder Orb
Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Turtle Flowing Orb
Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Mellow Stew x7
Unicorn Turtle Turtle Dragon Blue Ribbon
Unicorn Turtle Turtle Unicorn Gozz Orb
Unicorn Turtle Turtle Turtle Goddess Statue
Unicorn Turtle Turtle Rabbit Antitoxin x9
Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Dragon Cape of Darkness
Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Pixie Orb
Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Turtle 67,000 potch
Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Needle x9
Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Dragon Wooden Shoes
Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Banshee Orb
Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Turtle Ancient Text
Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Throat Drop x9
Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Star Earrings
Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Slyph Orb
Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Turtle 9,000 potch
Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Goldlet, Star Earrings
Unicorn Rabbit Turtle Dragon Iron Boots
Unicorn Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Chimera Orb
Unicorn Rabbit Turtle Turtle 35,000 potch
Unicorn Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Rising Sun Bento x9
Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Gold Emblem
Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Hazy Orb
Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Turtle 11,000 potch
Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Fortune Orb
Turtle Dragon Dragon Dragon Silver Dragon Armor
Turtle Dragon Dragon Unicorn Fire Lizard Orb
Turtle Dragon Dragon Turtle Dragon Armor x2
Turtle Dragon Dragon Rabbit Drinking Set
Turtle Dragon Unicorn Dragon Master's Garb
Turtle Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Technique Orb
Turtle Dragon Unicorn Turtle 32,000 potch
Turtle Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Dancing Flames Scroll x6, Rain of Kindness Scroll x6
Turtle Dragon Turtle Dragon Windspun Armor
Turtle Dragon Turtle Unicorn Silence Orb
Turtle Dragon Turtle Turtle 88,000 potch
Turtle Dragon Turtle Rabbit Shredding Wind Scroll x6, Angry Blow Scroll x6
Turtle Dragon Rabbit Dragon Scale Mail
Turtle Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Poison Orb
Turtle Dragon Rabbit Turtle 63,000 potch
Turtle Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Medicine x6, Medicine x6
Turtle Unicorn Dragon Dragon Thunder God's Garb
Turtle Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Down Orb
Turtle Unicorn Dragon Turtle 34,000 potch
Turtle Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Hex Doll x2
Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Knight Armor
Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Wizard Orb
Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Turtle 31,000 potch
Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Drinking Set, Toy Boat
Turtle Unicorn Turtle Dragon Ninja Garb
Turtle Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Mother Earth Orb
Turtle Unicorn Turtle Turtle 65,000 potch
Turtle Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Stone of Defense
Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Dream Robe
Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Sleep Orb
Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Turtle 72,000 potch
Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Octopus Pot x2
Turtle Turtle Dragon Dragon Master's Robe
Turtle Turtle Dragon Unicorn Friendship Orb
Turtle Turtle Dragon Turtle Prosperity Orb
Turtle Turtle Dragon Rabbit Throat Drop x4
Turtle Turtle Unicorn Dragon Magic Robe
Turtle Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Magic Drain Orb
Turtle Turtle Unicorn Turtle 120,000 potch
Turtle Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Wind of Sleep Scroll x9
Turtle Turtle Turtle Dragon Earth Armor
Turtle Turtle Turtle Unicorn Earth Orb
Turtle Turtle Turtle Turtle 110,000 potch
Turtle Turtle Turtle Rabbit Copper Flesh scroll x9
Turtle Turtle Rabbit Dragon Half Plate
Turtle Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Kindness Orb
Turtle Turtle Rabbit Turtle 98,000 potch
Turtle Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Red Curry x6
Turtle Rabbit Dragon Dragon Fog Robe
Turtle Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Nymph Orb
Turtle Rabbit Dragon Turtle 55,000 potch
Turtle Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Fried Pork Cutlets x9
Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Full Plate
Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Exertion Orb
Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Turtle 28,000 potch
Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Pancakes x9
Turtle Rabbit Turtle Dragon Taikyoku Tunic
Turtle Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Dryad Orb
Turtle Rabbit Turtle Turtle 78,000 potch
Turtle Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Cyclone Orb
Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Blood Armor
Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Water Orb
Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Turtle 83,000 potch
Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Wine
Rabbit Dragon Dragon Dragon Lucky Ring
Rabbit Dragon Dragon Unicorn Drain Orb
Rabbit Dragon Dragon Turtle 57,000 potch
Rabbit Dragon Dragon Rabbit Nanami's Vase
Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Dragon Fire Emblem
Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Unicorn Barrier Orb
Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Turtle 22,000 potch
Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Rabbit Boots x2
Rabbit Dragon Turtle Dragon Kite Shield
Rabbit Dragon Turtle Unicorn Balance Orb
Rabbit Dragon Turtle Turtle 56,000 potch
Rabbit Dragon Turtle Rabbit Needle x4
Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Dragon Lucky Ring
Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Unicorn Fire Sealing Orb
Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Turtle 14,000 potch
Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Rabbit Fire Wall Scroll x9
Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Dragon Sun Badge
Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Unicorn Darkness Orb
Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Turtle 8,800 potch
Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Rabbit Angry Blow Scroll x9
Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Dragon Silver Shield
Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Unicorn Medicine Orb
Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Turtle 14,000 potch
Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Rabbit Curry Rice x6
Rabbit Unicorn Turtle Dragon Fish Badge
Rabbit Unicorn Turtle Unicorn Resurrection Orb
Rabbit Unicorn Turtle Turtle 34,000 potch
Rabbit Unicorn Turtle Rabbit Sukiyaki x8
Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Dragon Magic Ring
Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Unicorn Phero Orb
Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Turtle Pearl x2
Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Rabbit Ship Combo x8
Rabbit Turtle Dragon Dragon Main-Gauche
Rabbit Turtle Dragon Unicorn Earth Orb
Rabbit Turtle Dragon Turtle 58,000 potch
Rabbit Turtle Dragon Rabbit Mega Medicine x3
Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Dragon Winged Boots
Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Unicorn Fire Orb
Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Turtle 63,000 potch
Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Rabbit Stone of Magic Defense
Rabbit Turtle Turtle Dragon Earth Shield
Rabbit Turtle Turtle Unicorn Water Orb
Rabbit Turtle Turtle Turtle Fine China
Rabbit Turtle Turtle Rabbit Healing Wind Scroll x9
Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Dragon Speed Ring
Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Unicorn Wind Orb
Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Turtle Prosperity Orb, Fortune Orb
Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Rabbit Escape Talisman
Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Dragon Boots
Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Unicorn Lightning Orb
Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Turtle 22,000 potch
Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Rabbit Chinese Noodles x8
Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Dragon Iron Shield
Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Unicorn Warrior Orb
Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Turtle 13,000 potch
Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Rabbit Dancing Flames Scroll x6
Rabbit Rabbit Turtle Dragon Wooden Shield
Rabbit Rabbit Turtle Unicorn Earth Shield
Rabbit Rabbit Turtle Turtle 74,000 potch
Rabbit Rabbit Turtle Rabbit Shredding Wind Scroll x6
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Dragon Chaos Shield
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Unicorn Wind Orb
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Turtle 66,000 potch
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Stone of Magic


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