Suikoden series currency
Front (right) and back (left) of a Potch coin used in the Scarlet Moon Empire at the time of the Gate Rune War

Potch (ポッチ, Pocchi), localized as Bits in the English-language release of Suikoden, is the currency used in all games of the Suikoden series.


Potch is the unit of money that is in use over a wide variety of regions. Although coinage is slightly bulky, the value of the currency itself tends to remain stable.

How people earn potch can vary greatly. Some simply work in exchange for potch, while some play games or gamble. Large amounts of monsters seem to carry potch as well and defeating them can reap dividends.

Other languages and releases

Japanese katakana ポッチ
Japanese romaji Pocchi
Chinese simplified (HDR) 波奇
Chinese traditional (HDR) 波奇
Chinese pinyin Bō qí
English (S1) Bits
English Potch
French Potch
German Potch
Italian poki
Spanish potch


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