Gale Rune

Speed-enhancing effect rune
Gale Rune
しっぷうの紋章, Shippū no Monshō

Type Effect rune
Appears in

The Gale Rune (しっぷうの紋章, Shippū no Monshō) is a rune which appears in several titles of the Suikoden series.


The Gale Rune greatly increases the speed of the bearer's reflexes, as oppossed to their sprinting, making them act and react much faster in battle.

The rune is not very common in the Toran region, being unavailable in stores there. However, one of these runes can be found in Pannu Yakuta Castle. The rune was also extremely uncommon in Dunan, with a handful of beasts near Muse City dropping the rare rune.


Cost 9000 potch
Drop No enemy drops this rune.
Equipped No character comes equipped with this rune.
Found Pannu Yakuta Castle (chest)
Sold No store in-game sells this rune.
1 Gale Rune
SPD x2.


  • The official Prima guidebook of Suikoden Tactics has an error. It lists a Cyclone Rune as a diggable item in the Merseto port battle, but it's instead a Gale Rune. This is most likely due to the similar meaning of both runes.
  • In Suikoden IV, the Gale Rune is one of the runes that have been programmed into the game but cannot actually be found without the use of hacking devices.


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