Poison-curing item
毒消し, Dokukeshi

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Type Restorative
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Antitoxin (毒消し, Dokukeshi) is the standard Poison recovery item throughout the Suikoden series. It removes the Poison status effect and is usually bought in bundles of 4.


This inexpensive item is used to heal people afflicted with forms of poison. It is wise to have this item readied in advance, especially if you expect to encounter any venomous monsters on your journey.

It was not universally effective against all forms of toxin. For example, it could do nothing against the poison pollen of the monstrous Antoinette during the Gate Rune War.



Effect Buy Sell Notes
Cures Poison status. 200 100 Cannot be sold if less than 4 uses remain
Item Locations
Shop GregminsterLenankampKakuRikonSeikaVillage of the ElvesWarriors' Village
Drop OannesViperman

Suikoden II

Effect Buy Sell Notes
Cures Poison status. 200 100 --
Item Locations
Shop Mercenary FortressRyube VillageToto VillageKyaro TownMuse CityRadat TownLakewest
Drop CutRabbitSpiderGiantSnailSickleNightmareShadow ManKillerDogPixieLi Lan

Other languages and releases

Japanese kanji 毒消し
Japanese romaji Dokukeshi
Chinese simplified (HDR) 解毒药
Chinese traditional (HDR) 解毒藥
Chinese pinyin Jiědúyào
English Antitoxin
French Antitoxine
German Gegengift
Italian Antidoto
Spanish Antitoxinas


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