Banshee Rune

HP absorbing command rune
Banshee Rune
バンシーの紋章, Banshī no Monshō

Type Attack rune
Appears in

The Banshee Rune (バンシーの紋章, Banshī no Monshō) is a rune which appears in Suikoden II.


This rune allowed the bearer to steal the vitality of their ally in order to restore their own. The name comes from the creature of the same name and similar foes such as the Siren, who scream loudly and steal their target's stamina.

As such, it was not a very popular rune with the bearer's companions.


Cost 9000 potch
Drop Siren (Two River Sewers)
Equipped No character comes equipped with this rune.
Found No location in-game contains this rune.
Sold No store in-game sells this rune.
1 Banshee Rune
Absorbs ally's HP and recovers own. Command cannot leave ally with less than 1 HP.


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