Floating Fortress of Shasarazade

Key defense point for the city of Gregminster
Floating Fortress of Shasarazade
水上砦シャサラザード, Suijiyo Toride Shasarazādo

Type Fortification
Region Toran
Appears in

The Floating Fortress of Shasarazade (水上砦シャサラザード, Suijiyo Toride Shasarazādo, Water Fortress Shasarazade) is a fortress which appears in Suikoden. It was a vital defensive citadel for the Scarlet Moon Empire's capital city Gregminster.


The Floating Fortress of Shasarazade, despite its name, is not literally a floating fortress. The fortress itself lies on land on the western banks of the Tolna Canal with fortifications extending across the canal. As such, it is a key defensive structure for the capital city of Gregminster along with the Fortress of Kwaba.

Shasarazade also served as the base of the Imperial Navy and its commander Sonya Shulen. Although the fortress was considered extremely difficult to attack, Shasarazade has been approached by pirates several times; most notably when the pirate leader Anji pinned a wedding dress to its walls, taunting Sonya Shulen's unwed status.

In the latter stages of the Gate Rune War Shasarazade was chosen as the Toran Liberation Army's entrance to Gregminster precisely because it was believed to be unassailable by the liberation forces. Although the battle ended in victory for the rebel forces, Sanchez, a spy who had hidden in the army thus far without detection, stabbed Mathiu Silverberg, the head strategist of the Liberation Army, and set fire to the fortress prematurely, endangering many lives.


Enemy Units
Name LV HP Potch Drop
Elite Soldier 54 550 3500 Mega Medicine
Horned Helmet
Kerberos 55 900 6000 Gold Collar
Siren 53 300 4000 Sound Setting 3
Flowing Orb
Shell Venus 65 15000 100000 N/A
Sonya Shulen 58 6000 1500 N/A



The Floating Fortress of Shasarazade's exterior theme in Suikoden is the song "Gate", which is song 16 on disc 2 of the Genso Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack. Its interior actually has no background music, with the only sounds being the rushing water of the fortress itself.

Shasarazade shares "Gate" as its theme with most "fortress"-style locations throughout the game, including the Fortress of Kwaba, Pannu Yakuta Castle, the Fortress of Garan, the Fortress of Lorimar, the Northern Checkpoint, and Moravia.

Other languages and releases

Japanese kanji 水上砦シャサラザード
Japanese hiragana 水上砦シャサラザード
Japanese rōmaji Suijiyo Toride Shasarazādo
Chinese simplified (HDR) 夏飒拉札德水寨
Chinese traditional (HDR) 夏颯拉札德水上之寨
Chinese pinyin Xià sà lā zhá dé shuǐshàng zhī zhài
English Floating Fortress of Shasarazade
French Forteresse Flottante de Shasarazade
German Schwimmenden Festung von Shasarazade
Italian Shasarazade, l'Isola Fortezza
Spanish Fortaleza Flotante de Shasarazade


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