Genso Suikoden Genso Shinsho Vol.1

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2000 magazine release
Genso Suikoden Genso Shinsho Vol.1 2000 Summer Issue
幻想水滸伝 幻想真書 VOL.1 2000年 夏号, Gensōsuikoden Gensō Shinsho VOL.1 2000-Nen Natsugō

Dust sleeve cover
Publisher New Era
Released July 19, 2000
ISBN 4-88317-796-3
Price ¥1200
Pages 128
Successor Genso Suikoden Genso Shinsho Vol.2

Genso Suikoden Genso Shinsho Vol.1 2000 Summer Issue (幻想水滸伝 幻想真書 VOL.1 2000年 夏号, Gensōsuikoden Gensō Shinsho VOL. 9 2002-Nen Natsugō) was the first edition of the Genso Shinsho magazine series published by New Era between 2000 and 2004.

The issue came with a detatchable insert with two postcards and a bookmark featuring key art from Suikoden, Suikoden II, and the upcoming Genso Suikogaiden Vol.1.


Page # Title
News Flash
4 Genso Suikogaiden Vol.1 Harmonia no Kenshi
幻想水瀞外伝Vol.1 ハルモニアの剣士, Gensōsuikogaiden Vol.1 Harumonia no Kenshi
A four-page preview for the upcoming Genso Suikogaiden Vol.1, due out that September.
Special Report
8 Meet the Staff of Genso Suikoden
「幻想水滸伝」の産みの親 スタッフ紹介, Gensōsuikoden no uminooya sutaffu shōkai
An eight-page segment containing profiles of the key staff members behind the Suikoden series, showing their likes, dislikes, and favorite characters.
Feature Corner
16 Double Leader Special Feature
Wリーダー特集, W Rīdā Tokushū
An in-depth look at the heroes of the first two Suikoden titles and their relationships with their closest confidants.
61 The Silverbergs
シルバーバーグ家, Shirubābāgu-ka
A look at the members of the illustrious Silverberg family of strategists as well as their most prominent students.
Serial Corner
73 Genso Suikoden Character Guide
「幻想水滸伝」キャラクターガイド, Gensōsuikoden Kyarakutāgaido
One-page information pages on 19 characters from the first Suikoden, running in Japanese order from Eileen to Kasumi. These sheets would later be repackaged with editing as the Genso Suikoden 108 Stars Character Guide.
92 Genso Masterpiece Gallery
幻想名場面館, Gensō Meibamen-kan
A look at touching and key scenes through the Suikoden series. This issue focused on close bonds, such as Culgan and Seed, Tai Ho and Yam Koo, and Anita and Valeria.
100 Genso Research Room
幻想調査室, Gensō Chōsa-shitsu
A two-page report detailing all we know about the connection between Luc and Sasarai.
102 Genso Journey Journal
幻想放浪記, Gensō Hōrō-ki
A look at the city of Gregminster in the Scarlet Moon Empire and the magnificent Gregminster Palace.
108 Recruit Placement Perfect Guide
仲間配置パーフェクトガイド, Nakama Haichi Pāfekutogaido
Where do the officers of the Toran Liberation Army like to spend their time at Toran Castle? This guide gives you the low down.
112 Reading the Original Suikoden
原作水滸伝を読む, Gensaku Suikoden o Yomu
The Suikoden series was inspired by the Chinese classic, the Water Margin. This feature begins with an overview of the characters and events of the first two chapters of this great literary work.
120 Genso Suikoden Commerical Presentation
「幻想水滸伝」CM紹介, Gensōsuikoden CM Shōkai
122 Genso Music Hall
幻想音楽館, Gensō Music Hall
Information on the CD releases for the series to date, including the latest release from May 2000, Genso Suikoden II Music Collection ~Orrizonte~.
124 Hai Yo's Ultimate Recipe Teachings
ハイ・ョー直伝究極のレシピ, Hai Yō Jikiden Kyūkyoku no Reshipi
Hai Yo aims to get everyone eating right, and eating deliciously, with this recurring series of recipes. Recipe #1? How to cook and prepare eggs.
126 Genso Mailbox
幻想目安箱, Gensō Meyasubako
Notes, references, and in future issues, reader mail from the fans of the Genso Shinsho magazine series.

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