War of the Champions

Main conflict of Suikoden III
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The War of the Champions (英雄戦争, Eiyū Sensō, Hero War) was a major war fought between several powers, including the Zexen Federation, the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia and the Six Clans of the Grassland. The events of the war form the focus of Suikoden III.


The War of the Champions broke out in the year 475, with the sudden attack on the Zexen Federation by the Six Clans of the Grassland at a treaty signing. However, this attack was in fact orchestrated by Luc, with the assassination of Lizard Clan leader Zepon made to look like a Zexen plot.

As the forces of Zexen and Grassland warred, the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia started their own invasion of the Grassland. Although the Zexen and Grassland forces tried to resist the Harmonian Army, they would be quickly pushed further and further back.

At the same time, three people, the Zexen Knight Chris Lightfellow, Hugo of the Karaya Clan and Geddoe, leader of the 12th unit of the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force pursued the trail of the Flame Champion, the savior of Grassland in a similar invasion 50 years prior. Although the Flame Champion had passed away, Hugo was able to inherit the True Fire Rune.

Successor to the Flame Champion's legacy, Hugo was able to marshal the resisting forces under the banner of the Fire Bringer. This newly allied force was able to resist the Harmonian invasion until it was revealed that Luc's plan was to destroy his True Wind Rune with the other elemental runes that had shown up in the conflict. Thus, the invasion was called off and all parties united to stop Luc's apocalyptic plans.

Marching to the Ceremonial Site, the Fire Bringer were able to defeat the Destroyers and prevent Luc from carrying out his plan, ending the war. Afterwards, several overtures were made towards a more cooperative future between the powers involved but whether that will amount to anything has yet to be seen.


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