Powerful winged creatures sustained by the Dragon Rune

Dragons (竜, Ryū) are a species in the Suikoden series. Several prominent characters in the series have been dragons.


Dragons may be counted among the most powerful creatures that exist in the world. They originally came from a different world, the World of Wings and Scales, and according to legend are born from the First Mother. They exist purely in this world through the power of the Dragon Rune. If the bearer of the Dragon Rune should die somehow, all the dragons in the world would also perish.

Many of them become partners of the Knights of the Dragon's Den and most of the world's dragons are born in the Dragon's Den, which is said to be original, sacred ground for dragons. It is also said that they return to the World of Wings and Scales to lay eggs there during the egg-laying season.

Still, stray dragons are born outside the Dragon Knight's Domain. The dragon Bright was born on Mt. Rakutei, for example.


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