27 True Runes

The runes from which all other runes are born

The 27 True Runes (27真紋章, 27 Shin Monshō) are the most powerful runes, from which all other runes are born. Their nature and origin are unknown but there are myths pertaining to their creation. Not all of the 27 True Runes are known to us at this time.


The 27 True Runes are said to be the runes from which all things are born, including all other runes. Mythology states that the 27 True Runes adorned the sword and shield at the beginning of time. It said that those who bear a True Rune will have access to great power and immortality, but often with unforeseen consequences.

The 27 True Runes have had a profound effect on world history, with large scale wars fought over their possession or by other indirect influences not uncommon. The Holy Kingdom of Harmonia, in particular, has an opaque national policy of obtaining True Runes by any means, causing many conflicts and invasions over the centuries in the name of that goal.

Some True Runes have negative effects on anyone who would bear them, either by hurting those close to the bearer or draining the life of the bearer itself. In order to obtain the mighty power of a True Rune, one must be willing to take a huge risk not only with their safety but with the safety of those closest to them.

True Runes whose bearers had died in some manner were known to search for a new bearer or seal themselves away according to their own will.

Aging and Immortality

While it is often stated that True Rune bearers are immortal, the full scope of this is slightly more complicated. Ted, Luc, and Sierra Mikain each held a True Rune with differences in the degree of their apparent growth.

Although the details of these differences are unknown, they seem to vary depending on the person's own self-image, the type of rune, and the circumstances under which they gained it. Luc held the True Wind Rune since the day he was born but continued to age into his late teens. Ted, meanwhile, aged when he gave up the Rune of Life and Death for a time during his travels. Sierra Mikain remained youthful even when separated from the Moon Rune for centuries, due to her vampiric nature.

However, in the case of older rune bearers, such as Joshua Levenheit or Geddoe, their aging appeared to be completely arrested after gaining their True Rune.

True Runes in the series


Suikoden II

Suikoden III

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