Leader of the Matilda Knights
ゴルドー, Gorudō
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 37 (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 424
Voice Hirose Masashi
(Drama CD Genso Suikoden II)
Appears in

Gorudo (ゴルドー, Gorudō) is a supporting antagonist in Suikoden II. He is the leader of the Matilda Knights, whose efforts to consolidate his own power led to his downfall and eventual death.


It's more important that we bolster our defenses. Let no one past the border, refugee or otherwise.

— Gorudo

Gorudo was the leader of the Matilda Knights during the Dunan Unification War. His priority was always the preservation of himself and his lands. Selfish, arrogant and missing a sense of justice, he was always in conflict with Miklotov in that fashion and demanded absolute loyalty through the knight's oath.

During the Dunan Unification War, Gorudo was skeptical of the claims that the Highland Army would invade Muse Principality and was reluctant to commit troops at the Hilltop Conference in Muse City. He would send Camus and Miklotov in the defense of Muse City only to have them retreat in short order. Since then, he maintained a neutral position and reacted very frostily to the leader of the New State Army when he attempted to form an alliance.

When he refused to march out to aid Muse refugees fleeing from the Highland Army to Matilda, allowing them to be rounded up for their sacrifice in Muse City, Camus, Miklotov and many other knights renounced their oaths and left his service. This led to a decline in military power and Gorudo would surrender to the Highland Kingdom, serving as a puppet ruler.

During the New State Army infiltration of Rockaxe Castle, he would order his archers to fire, hitting Nanami before attacking the leader of the army and Jowy Atreides. Enraged, the two killed Gorudo in battle.


Main article: Gorudo (enemy)

Gorudo is fought as a boss enemy in Suikoden II. Faced with the combined power of the hero and Jowy Atreides, he is not a difficult opponent, despite his decent stats and skills.

Genso Suikoden Card Stories

Gorudo 005
Gorudo (Booster Pack Vol.1).png Card Info
Gorudo 260
Gorudo (Premium Pack).png Card Info


  • Gorudo's English-language name is a very literal romanization of his Japanese name. It should most likely have been consistently romanized as Gordeau, which appears once or twice in the English-language localization.


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