Short, stout, and highly dexterous humanoid race

Dwarves (ドワーフ, Dowāfu) are a race in the Suikoden series.


Dwarves are a race whose distinctive characteristics including their stalwart stature and the dark beards that usually cover their faces. They are shorter than humans but are more stoutly built.

Inherent craftsman and highly dexterous, dwarves are known to be very skilled at smithing and construction and earn their living through the precious metals they mine and excavate. Dwarves such as Dwango were famous for their skill. The Fire Spears that the dwarves produced played an active part in both the Gate Rune War and the Dunan Unification War.

Dwarves have also unlocked the secret to generating electricity using wind power and blacksmiths have helped to construct windmills for this purpose. Human blacksmiths who apprentice with the dwarves often continue to stay even after establishing their own skills, showing the high esteem with which dwarvern smithing is held.

In addition, it is said that the dwarves hold many such creations and other treasures in the form of blueprints held in a large vault.

The dwarves hold a different standard for a year, which is 1.7 times the length of that of humans.


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