Neclord's Castle

Home of Imperial magistrate Neclord
Neclord's Castle
ネコロードのしろ, Nekurōdo no Shiro
Neclord's Castle.png
Region Toran
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Neclord's Castle (ネコロードのしろ Nekurōdo no Shiro) is a castle which appears in Suikoden. It is where Neclord dwelt during his stint as a magistrate in the Scarlet Moon Empire.


Neclord's Castle, located in the Lorimar region hosted the vampire Neclord and his minions during the Gate Rune War. Many maidens were stolen by Neclord to be his "bride" and brought here, where their screams could be heard even from outside.

The castle itself was covered in some form of magic which allowed it to only allow inside those whom Neclord considered "invited". The castle was very tall, with an enormous pipe organ located at the top.

Sometime following the defeat of Neclord, Pesmerga found the castle and entered it, hoping to find Neclord and with him clues on the whereabouts of Yuber.


Enemy Units
Name LV HP Potch Drop
Demon Sorcerer.png
Demon Sorcerer 46 350 3500 Mega Medicine
Wind Crystal
Hell Unicorn.png
Hell Unicorn 47 700 5000 Star Earrings
Larvae 45 180 2000 Defective Urn
Blue Dragon Urn
Fine China
Neclord (sprite).png
Neclord 55 7500 10000 N/A


  • Witness the passing of day to dusk, then back to day...? With its "outside" passages colored to show the passage of time as you ascend the level, it appears as if time has no bearing on the crazy place known as Neclord's Castle. If you ascend part of the way, and turn around, you can witness this happening. This only occurs on the first trip and not during the return trip to pick up Pesmerga.
  • Another strange phenomenon can be seen with Neclord's quote "This castle only admits those who have been invited." during the siege scene with Zorak and soldiers. However, the castle can be entered and explored before a certain plot trigger (like before Qlon Temple) just fine without any invitation. Besides, Zorak *did* receive an invitation....


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