Warriors' Village

Lorimar village with a strong history of independence
Warriors' Village
戦士の村, Senshi no Mura
File:Warriors' Village.png
Type Village
Nation Scarlet Moon Empire (until 457)
Toran Republic (457 onwards)
Region Toran
Population 3,300
Appears in

Warriors' Village (戦士の村, Senshi no Mura) is a village which appears in Suikoden. It is a strongly independent village which, befitting its name, carries a strong martial tradition.


The Warriors' Village, located in the Lorimar region, was originally founded around SY 20 by Clift the Crusader following a conflict with the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia known retrospectively as the "Final Battle". Despite the name of that conflict, the village had been involved in several conflicts even before its participation in the Gate Rune War. While Zorak held pride in the history and traditions of the village, others held a different view, dismissing it as a backwater.

The village came under the supervision of the vampire Neclord during the Gate Rune War and the two soon came into conflict over Neclord's desire to take Tengaar of the Warriors' Village to be his wife. The intervention of the Toran Liberation Army and their defeat of Neclord led to the Warriors' Village allying with the Liberation Army for the remainder of the war.

Culture and traditions

According to the culture of the Warriors' Village, women do not fight even though at least one female native of the village (Tengaar) fought in the Gate Rune War. Male warriors, on the other hand, are only allowed to enter combat after they have proved themselves and named their sword.

The naming of a sword has great significance in the culture of the Warriors' Village, the name chosen usually being that of the warrior's beloved. It is not uncommon for warriors to make oaths by the name of their swords. When men are old enough, they traditionally depart the village on the Manhood Ceremony after which they are recognized as full-fledged adults and warriors.

Bandanas are commonly worn by the people of the village but there is no strong cultural reason for this.


Armor Shop
6500 potch
Full Armor
57000 potch
Full Helmet
13200 potch
Cape of Darkness
8500 potch
Dragon Armor
37000 potch
Item Shop
100 potch
Lightning Orb
8000 potch
Mega Medicine
500 potch
Champion's Orb
200000 potch
200 potch
Red Flower Seeds
200 potch


Enemy Units
Name LV HP Potch Drop
Neclord 55 10000 0 N/A

Other languages and releases

Japanese kanji 戦士の村
Japanese hiragana せんしのむら
Japanese rōmaji Senshi no Mura
Chinese simplified (HDR) 战士村
Chinese traditional (HDR) 戰士村
Chinese pinyin Zhànshì cūn
English Warriors' Village
French Village des guerriers
German Kriegerdorf
Italian Villaggio dei Guerrieri
Spanish Villa de los Guerreros


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